December 30, 2011

Carters (5) - Round 16

Veronica was disappointed when she discovered she was pregnant again.  She had a hard enough time taking care of Samuel & Archie.  Another little baby!  God, she was never going to become top chef!

 Tyler couldn't believe he was lucky enough to be having another child.  He knew Veronica wasn't extremely excited, but he thought deep down she was.  She just didn't like admitting family things were important.

At least... that's what he hoped...

 Samuel loved games.  He thought the retro pin ball machine that Grandpa had upstairs in the den was the best!

And Archie loved music.  He could listen to Mom play the piano for hours!  She promised that as soon as the baby was born, she would have more time & energy to teach him.  He couldn't wait!

 Tyler couldn't believe what a handsome little guy his youngest son was.  He thought he heard Veronica sigh in relief  "Thank God it's not twins."  He let it slide.  Little Daniel was perfect!

 "Time to get back in shape!" Veronica thought.  She'd actually managed to make top chef & had toyed with the idea of joining Athletics.

 Danny had watched Veronica like a hawk to make sure she didn't break his little boy's heart.  He'd been surprised that she'd remained faithful.  But, he also felt a little jealous...   If only Roxie had been more faithful to him...  If only Roxie hadn't destroyed his chance at happiness in life...

Feeling contrite, Danny patted Veronica on the shoulder.  "You've been a wonderful mother to my grandchildren & a wonderful wife to my son.  Tyler couldn't have picked a better woman.  I'm sorry I ever doubted you," he said sincerely.

Veronica was so touched.  "Thank you, Danny.  That means a lot to me.  Truth be told... I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to do it, either.  But... Tyler is a pretty amazing guy... he was well worth every moment..."

Veronica later cried in Tyler's arms that she'd been the last one to talk to Danny.  He'd gone to sleep and never woke up...

Roxie didn't know how she felt.  All those years of being with someone... and he was gone.  Burying her face in her hands, she sobbed.  She knew she'd been a huge disappointment to him and sometimes she had  wished that she could've been someone different for him.

But... there was nothing she could do about it now...

Veronica had felt such pride to know that her father-in-law thought she was a good wife and mother.  It gave her the strength to try harder...

She wondered if Tyler noticed the difference...

 Tyler called the family over to celebrate Daniel's birthday.  He'd always had such hope that his family would be healthy, happy & loving... and it was! 

He knew his friends thought he was crazy marrying Veronica... but he was glad he had.  She'd been the best thing to ever happen to him!


  1. Good for Veronica :)! It's hard for a romance sims to have a family *and* be happy, but she's doing it.

  2. Grimmie strikes again....but such is the circle of life in the Sim World. It seems like in my hoods the houses with the most kids is Romance Sim houses...'cuz of all the woohooing and Risky hack...


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