December 17, 2011

Carters (5) - Round 15

Danny invited over Sara and Anthony to celebrate their graduation.  They made small talk around the table.  Both were engaged and Danny couldn't be prouder of them!

Upstairs, Veronica jumped out of bed. "Oomph," she called.  "Tyler! Wake up! It's time!"

Tyler cuddled his son Archie as Veronica cooed to little Samuel.  He couldn't believe they'd had twins! 
"A toast!" Tyler declared at dinner.  "To Veronica - for delivering two healthy baby boys!"

Veronica raised her glass and clinked glasses.  "And to Tyler - for being the best father in the world Except for Danny, of course!"

Danny tried to force a smile.  It was like staring at himself 20 years ago.  He'd been so wrapped up in his love for Roxie, he'd never seen her for what she was...

But, he knew there was no way that Tyler would listen to reason.  He definitely wouldn't have.

Danny glanced over at Roxie and wondered if she ever regretted their marriage. 

He sure did.

Veronica came home from work after receiving her promotion.  She couldn't wait to tell Tyler and then go celebrate.  It'd be nice to get out without the kids. 

Although, Tyler never liked to go anywhere without them. He'd say they were no trouble and need to be around their parents.

"Well, this Mama needs a night out," she thought to herself.  "And I'm going to get it!"

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  1. Hmm Veronica and Roxie one of a kind? Seems to be a case of like father, like son. :)


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