December 30, 2011

Carters (3) - Round 16

Ericka came home from work, pleased that she'd reached the top of her career.  It wouldn't be long now before she was worth a cool 100k.  Yes, things were going well at the Carters!  It was nice having Ellen and Vincent live with them.  Many hands made light work...

Vincent cuddled his niece Madison.  "Are you ready for a bottle?" he asked as he bounced her up and down.
And thankfully they had one extra set of hands to help out with the kids after Ellen discovered she was pregnant with her first child.

Although all Jesse seemed to be interested in was Music & Girls.

Lindsay loved studying with her Mom.  Mom was so successful.  People took her seriously & she was so beautiful.  Well, maybe if she wore something other than the blah business suits!  Lindsay wanted to be just like her when she grew up!

Vincent came home from work pumped.  Yes!  Top of the Political field.  Now it was time to move on to something he'd always longed to do... Dance!

 "Vincent, stop flexing your pecs and heeeeelp!" Ellen cried.

Vincent flexed his arms.  "But, they're so big! I've really been working out!"

"I married an idiot!" Ellen panted between contractions.  "An absolute idiot!"

But, the pain & the wait was well worth it.  She had a beautiful baby girl she named Jackie.  Ellen snuggled Jackie close.  "My beautiful little girl!" 

Ericka smiled.  She knew how it felt right after your baby was born.  And the pride & the love you felt raising that child was something so special.

And how fast they grow up, she thought to herself.  Her youngest was already in elementary school! No more babies for Ericka!

Even little Jackie was no longer a baby...


  1. I am a little lost here... how many people are in this house O_O?

  2. Lol. I know, the pictures stunk for this round! There are 8 people: Brett & his wife Ericka with their 3 kids Lindsay, Jesse & Madison. Then we have Prof. Vincent & Ellen with their little girl Jackie. I was too lazy to move Ellen into her own home. :)

  3. Oh, thank you for the recap XDDD! I got lost with the two families living together :)!

  4. Whoowee! I got lost a long time ago in this neighborhood. heh


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