December 17, 2011

Carters (3) - Round 15

Erika swung Lindsay around.  "How was school today sweetheart?"

"Good, Mom!" Lindsay said.  "I got an A+!"

Erika smiled. "That's great! I loved school when I was your age, too!  Work really hard & you'll reach the top of whatever you decide to do in life!  Your Dad & I both study and work hard, so we're able to go far in our professions!"

"I will Mom! I promise!"

"Great! Now go get ready for the birthday party.  Everyone's coming over for Jesse this afternoon."

Jesse looked around the room as everyone sang him happy birthday.

"Can I have some cake now?" he asked excitedly.  All the grown-ups laughed and Mom cut him a piece.  

"Thanks for coming over and playing tea with me, guys." Lindsay said to her everyone.

Jesse rolled his eyes.  "You promised us cookies."

Rosa piped up, "Yeah, and you said I could have that bracelet!"

Lindsay fumed as she set down her teaset.  "Fine! This is dumb anyways!"

"Mom! I was trying to have a tea party, but those kids are so immature," she ranted to Erika.  "Why do they have to act so childish?!"

Erika smiled and smoothed Lindsay's hair to the side.  "Because they are sweetie.  You just have to accept that you're older than them and are going to have different interests."

Just then, Rosa ran in.  "Hey! I have to go home. Can I have that bracelet now?"

Ellen didn't know how long she'd be able to hide her pregnancy.  She was worried that the roles would stop trickling in if they learned she was pregnant.

Brett and Ellen ran over to their Mother, sobbing when they saw she'd passed away.  "It's not fair! I wasn't ready to say goodbye!" Ellen wailed.  "She'll never get to know my baby!"

Headmaster cleared his throat and akwardly pulled at his suit.  "Perhaps it would be best if I came back another day?"
"That's my baby.  Sweet little Madison!"


  1. Well, no pain without joy in this house, at least :).

  2. I love awkward moments when the headmaster is in the house! lol


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