December 8, 2011

Carters (3) - Round 14

Ellen couldn't wait for Vincent to move in with them.  Anxiously, she paced by the door.  Finally, she saw him exiting the tab and she ran outside to greet him.

Giving him a big kiss, she leaned back and smiled.  "I've missed you so much!"

Vincent laughed and hugged her back.  "I've missed you, too!"

"Let me show you our room," she blushed.

Ericka couldn't believe her luck! She'd just reached the top of her field & not a minute too soon!  She was ready to have this baby any minute!

5 minutes later the family welcomed little boy Jesse.

And Lindsay was ecstatic to be the big sister!

Brett felt like he'd reached not only the top of his career, but the top of the world!  He couldn't believe how much different his life was since falling in love with Ericka!  He just wished her sisters truly forgave her.  They acted like they'd all moved on, but they definitely weren't as close as they were before!  Brett started to brainstorm how he could help...

Ellen tiptoed in the nursery with Vincent.  "I want a baby just as cute as he is," she whispered.

Vincent nuzzled her nose.  "Well, what are we waiting for?" he asked.

Hazel and Ellen organized a roof-raising wedding party as quickly as possible.  Hazel had glanced at Ellen's waistline a few times and pointedly asked what the rush was.  Ellen laughed.  "No, no bun in the oven, Mom.  We're just ready to be married and start a family!"

Because Lord knows, the time flies by when you're not watching.  Vincent tossed little Jesse in the air, amazed by how fast the little tyke was growing.  Glancing past Jesse, he noticed everyone outside was sobbing.

"What in the world?" he wondered as he set down Jesse.

Running outside, he saw the reason for Ellen's tears.

Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her close.  "I'm sorry, Ellen.  Are you okay?"

Ellen sobbed into his arms.  Glancing around, he tried to find Lindsay.  "Where's Lindsay? Has anyone seen her?"

Lindsay ran into the kitchen in what Grandpa had called her princess dress.  She didn't feel like a princess right now! She missed her Grandpa!


  1. ç___ç Poor Lindsay ç_ç! Ellen is beautiful by the way *-*! Really beautiful!

  2. :( the bigger the neighborhood gets, it seems like somebody is seeing Grim on every lot....


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