December 30, 2011

Carters (2) - Round 16

 Perry & Melanie were beginning to feel their age.  It felt as though life were slipping by!

"When did we get so old?" Melanie asked.

Perry shrugged.  "Must've been sometime around our 50th anniversary..."

Soon it was time for Ross to go away to college.

And that left Leah & James in the house.  Melanie loved breakfast with her kids the best.  They were always so happy & cheerful.

James had a lot to be cheerful about, too.   He'd recently developed a crush on Julie Steele...

 A pretty serious crush...

Leah enjoyed her 1st dates.  She never seemed to want to go on the 2nd date though.


 "Did you hear something?" James asked as he leaped out of bed and looked around.

Leah glanced out the window.  "I heard... something... I wonder what it was!"


  1. I hope Melanie will love the experienceXD!

  2. Julie Steele and James. Two JJs! lol Alien rides are fun!


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