December 16, 2011

Carters (2) - Round 15

Ross was so excited Sonja Carter came home with him after school.  He was pretty nervous about whether or not she liked him.  He'd heard around school that she might like him...

"What the heck..." he thought and leaned forward to kiss her.

Sonja fanned herself.  "I was waiting for you to do that!" she flirted.

Ross opened his mouth to tell her he could do it again when Leah called out from the other room.

"Ross! Tea had kittens!! They're soooo cute!  Can I name them?" she asked excitedly.

Ross sighed and smiled wryly at Sonja.  "Another time, I guess. Want to check out the kittens?"

Sonja smiled.  "I'd love to!"

"So I named them Strawberry, Cinnamon & Marmalade! ... I know! ... Isn't that cute?! ... I know!"

James rolled his eyes.  Man! Girls could talk! Leah had been on the phone for thirty minutes blabbering about the stupid kittens.  He'd always wanted a puppy. But they for sure weren't going to get one with 5 dumb cats in the house!

"Leah! Let me use the phone!" he complained.  "I want to call some people!"

Leah glared at him.  Covering the mouthpiece, she hissed. "I'm on the phone James!"

James stomped his foot.  "Let me use the phone or I'll tell Mom you're failing math!"

Leah snapped, "Fine.  Ralph. I'll talk to you later!"  Leah stomped over to James and shoved the phone at him. "There! Happy?!"

James stuck his tongue out. "Yeah. I am!" 

"Are you sure we shouldn't be in there supervising more, Perry?" Melanie worried.  "I mean.. ther are lots of teens out there. Who knows what they're doing!"

Perry made a face of shocked outrage.  "Did you buy them beer?"

Melanie rolled her eyes.  "Of course not..."

"Then they're fine! They're just in there laughing and figuring each other out."

Melanie sighed.  "I guess you're right..."

"I know I am," Perry said confidently.  "After all, I am a professional!"


  1. Ahahahahahaha, Perry's expression in the last photo XDDD! Anyway, you are really good at writing about siblings.

  2. Lol! I was one of four growing up - that's probably why!

  3. I can see it now, you have constant flashbacks of your childhood when you are writing dialogue for this blog. haha..


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