December 8, 2011

Carters (2) - Round 14

 "Mom! Look! I got an A+!"  Ross cheered.

Melanie cheered excitedly.  "I knew you could do it Ross!"

"Way to go Ross!" Leah added.

 "Yeah, good job," James seconded.

When the Grim Reaper came for Carlye, she was actually quite excited.  It meant she got to be together with Jansen again.  She'd been waiting what felt like forever for this day! 

Perry was saddened by his Mom's unexpected death, but knew she'd been halfway gone since his Dad had passed away.  But, he couldn't spend too much time mourning because soon it was Ross' birthday...

Ross couldn't believe he was a teenager now!  He couldn't wait to get a part-time job and start earning some money!

"Dad got another cat!" James told Leah.

Leah clapped. "Yeah! Two cats! Biscuit & Tea!"

James shrugged. "Yeah, Ross says Dad is taking Grandma's death hard."

Leah looked around.  "Where is Ross?"

James leaned close. "He invited a girl over!"

Leah giggled.  "Let's go bug him!"

"So, Sonja, I was kind wondering if you, would you, like to go..." Ross was having a hard time asking Sonja to go on an outing with him...

Just then two kids darted around the corner with straws and squirted them both with water and then darted away.

"UGH! I'm going to get you two," he called after them.  All he heard in response was a rapid-fire giggling fit.

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  1. First Jansen, then Caryle. Jansen was my favorite....


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