December 31, 2011

Carpenters - Round 16

Again with the condensed version:

Audrey reached the top of the education field after befriending new teacher Joshua Bear.

Edward struggled to get promotions.  His outings never seemed to go quite right.  He had trouble focusing on skilling.  Mid-life crisis maybe?

Marshall threw numerous parties and fell madly in love with Rosa Carter.  Before heading off to college, he called her over and kissed her sweetly.  Then, she waved goodbye as he got in the taxi and drove away.

Angela has fallen madly in love with Gary, the newspaper delivery boy.  She has 3 bolts with him.

Russell had his very first kiss with Opal Creelman. He has 2 bolts with her. He fell quickly in love with her and tried to rush the bases.

Emily was just interested in throwing parties & meeting new friends.  No guys that she likes yet!  Her Dad said she couldn't date until she was 30!

FiFi passed away & Rockie ran away, but was returned. 

Edward is thinking about putting up the dogs for adoption so that the house doesn't become a pet cemetery....


  1. No pet cemetery ç_ç! Good for all the other sims instead... especially for Angela: the three bolts are not easy to find :)!

  2. SO I think I perceive that Gary the newspaper boy will be going to Uni with Angela. :)


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