December 17, 2011

Carpenters - Round 15

"Catch!" Marshall yelled as he bombed the kids with water balloons.  He was untouchable! Angela & her friends giggled as they dipped and weaved to evade his water missiles.

Edward came home and fumed when he saw the gardening hadn't been done & that the trash hadn't been taken out.

Finding Marshall playing really set him off.

"Marshall. What have we talked about? Your Mom is taking care of two little ones.  She needs help around the house. I can only do so much.  I want you to take care of the gardening & making sure the trash is taken out."

Marshall hung his head.  "Sorry Dad. I guess I forgot..."

"This is so unfair." Marshall grumbled. "Why can't we hire a stupid gardener? Why can't he do this himself."

Exhausted after seeing to the garden, he plodded inside and attempted to start his homework.  Feeling disgruntled, he tossed the book to the side.  "Screw it. I'm going to bed!"

"Angela. How was your day?" Edward loved it when his daughter came and greeted him.  It was a special time for both of them.  Glancing up, he frowned when he saw Marshall tossing a boss with Kevin McMillan.  "Run along and do your homework," he told Angela.

"Marshall.  I need to talk to you," Edward said sharply.

"Okay guys," Edward told his family at dinnertime.  "You're all getting older now & you're all going to be responsible for chores around the house."

"Marshall, you're in charge of gardening; Angela, you're in charge of dishes; and Emily & Russell - you're in charge of cleaning up around the house!"

"Sure Dad," they all echoed.

Angela stepped outside to throw something away when she met the newspaper guy.  Whoa! Hottie, she thought silently.  Think of something to say. Quick! Before he goes, she thought.

"Hey, I was going to have a party this weekend. Do you want to come?" she asked.

Gary smiled. "Sure. I'd love to!"

"Kissie, kissie, kissie!" Emily taunted while she made her lemonade.

"Hush Emily!" Angela hissed.

But, really... Emily called it! Angela couldn't wait to try out the kissing!

"Come on guys.  Time for school," Marshall said as all his siblings loaded up in his brand new car.


  1. Ahahahahaha, I so understand Marshall XDDD! But help around the house is necessary :), I hope he will cope with thatXD!

  2. A bearded paperboy? :) Good luck getting all those kids to do the chores...


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