December 11, 2011

Carpenters - Round 14

"But Dad, I don't want to get rid of Muffins & Pickles! They're my best friends!"

Edward knew how attached Marshall was to the dogs, so he felt horrible.  Patting Marshall on the arm, he attempted to reason with Marshall.  "You know your Mom hasn't been feeling well since she's about to have another baby.  She can't take care of everyone.  I've found a really good home for them.  Mr. Das said we can visit whenever we want..."

"It's not fair!" Marshall cried as he ran to his room.

Edward sighed.  Now he just needed to tell Audrey his decision...

"Don't be mad at your Dad, Marshall.  He only wants what's best for the family! And soon you'll have another little brother or sister to play with!"

"Babies are dumb," Marshall pouted.

Audrey made a stern face, "Is that very nice, Marshall?"

Marshall hung his head and mumbled, "I guess not..."

Audrey stood up and kissed Marshall on the head.  "Finish up breakfast and get ready for school."

Audrey wiped a tear from her eye.  "I'm sorry. It must be these hormones! I hope you'll be very happy with Pickles and Muffin."

Manuel smiled and handed over $1600.  "I grew up with poodles just like these, it will be nice to have a full house again."

Audrey sighed as Manuel walked away with the dogs.  She heard Fifi whine behind her and leaned down to pat her on the head.  "I'm sorry girl. I'll miss them, too. It's just too much of a full house..."

The next morning...

"Don't worry baby, it's going to be fine! I'm right here!" Edward had to take a breath. He was starting to get a little light-headed...


Little boy Russell...

And his sister Emily.

"Can you believe it's Angela's birthday already?" Audrey asked as she set the cake on the table.

"I know. Time certainly flies by!" Edward replied as he snuggled Angela.  "You're a big girl now!"

Everyone ate some cake, cleaned the dishes and then went to bed.  It was a school night in the morning! Angela wanted to make sure she had plenty of sleep!

Fifi sniffed at her two little puppies, Rockie & Twiggy and nudged them towards the food bowl. 

Edward couldn't believe how fast his little tykes were growing!  He snuggled Russell close and kissed his forehead.  "I'll see you after work, buddy," he promised.

Then, he and Audrey carpooled to the school together.


  1. Pooor Marshall ç___ç! And poor Pickles and Muffin! But I understand that in The Sims animals are very demanding... I stopped have them :/.


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