November 18, 2011

Steeles - Round 12

Natalie bolted upright when she heard someone fiddling with the knob.  She pushed on Waylon's shoulder.  "Wake up Waylon.  Someone's at the door."

Waylon rolled over and pulled a pillow over his head.  "No one's at the door. Go back to sleep." 

Natalie sat in bed quietly, straining to hear if she could hear it again.
Waylon bolted upright.  "Did you hear that?" he asked.

Natalie pushed him.  "I told you! Should we call the police?" she whispered just as they heard the front door open.

"Hello? Anyone home?" Mason called out.

Relief flooded Natalie.  "Oh thank God, it's my brother!"

"Ever heard of a phone?" Natalie asked over an early breakfast.

"What? And ruin the surprise?" he asked.  "Where's Lisa and the kids?"

Natalie laughed.  "They needed a little more space.  They moved across the street."

Mason glanced down. "You don't mind that I move back in? Do you?"

"Of course not! I want you to stay here! It will be so much fun!"

Natalie was looking forward to hosting dinner parties and making lots of friends.  Plans changed after her morning sickness landed her in bed, miserable most of the time.

Mason took her at her word that she didn't mind him living there as he met new people and developed friendships. 

He pretended that he didn't mind not having a girlfriend, but he'd planned to be married already with a baby on the way.  It was bittersweet to play with his little niece, Kate.

Natalie couldn't wait to tell Waylon about her day! She'd been promoted! She couldn't wait to celebrate!

"Mason? Could you watch Kate tonight so that Waylon and I can go out and celebrate?"

Mason hesitated.  "Umm... not tonight, Nat.  Maybe tomorrow night?"

Natalie was stunned.  Mason had never said no to babysitting before.  Generally he was able to watch Kate whenever she needed it.  "Oh. Okay. Do you have big plans tonight?" she asked.

 "Yeah," he said, "I kind of met someone..."

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