November 15, 2011

Sim State Uni - 7th Class

"Can you believe we're the 7th class to go to this school?' Brittany asked the others.

"Nobody asked you," Perry grumbled.  He couldn't believe he'd have to go to school with her all 4 looooong years.  Now Shannon and Alec were cool... but Brittany... God help him.  He just couldn't stand Brittany. She just seemed so immature. 

"A pool table!" Brittany exclaimed.  "How cool! They never said anything about a pool table!"

Perry quickly walked by, pretending not to see Brittany.  God... she was so annoying! Why did she have to be in his dorm!  Glancing around he watched her walk away.. although... that side of her was quite nice...

The gang hung out and everyone pretended not to notice the tension between Brittany and Perry.  It was better if nobody actually talked about it.

And after Perry met his girlfriend, he really seemed to leave Brittany alone.

"Will you marry me?" Perry asked, halfway into their junior year.  "I've never known anyone like you before..."

"Mister! You need to lose weight! And I'm going to make sure you do! Now hop to it!" Coach Allbee screamed at Alec.

Alec cried and put his face in his hands.  "You don't understand," he began.

Coach Allbee cut him off and shoved her finger in his face.  "I don't need to understand anything! Drop and give me 50!"
Alec quivered and dropped to give her 50 push-ups... then 50 jumping jacks... and then 50 crunches...

And blessed her every day after that when all the girls started to flirt with him!


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