November 22, 2011

Rodriguez - Round 13

Sharon tried to impress the headmaster.  "Please, I just got to get into the private school! I have my whole life planned out." 

"Easy there," he laughed.  "You have plenty of time.  But, we'll help you achieve whatever life aspiration you have.  Welcome to Ms. Crumplebottom's Academy."

Skylar had been going bald since he'd been a young age, so he'd never paid attention to his hair.  But, lately, his hands started getting more wrinkly & his hair had turned silver. 

"I'm getting old," he told Lisa. 

"You're not going to get any sympathy from me," she laughed.  "I had my birthday first and as I recall, you put vultures all over the house for my 50th birthday."

Skylar hmphed, "That was in good taste, you know.  The vulture is a misunderstood bird."

Lisa gave Skylar the evil eye, "Is that so? Would you like me to pull them out for your party tonight?"

Skylar hmphed one more time, "Of course not!"

Sharon distractedly worked on her homework, but her heart wasn't in it.  "Did you see Clint McMillan at that party? He is so hot!"

Dana rolled her eyes.  "I'm trying to finish my math homework."

"So you can meet up with Joshy Woshy? Hmmmm? Kissy... kissy... kissy..."

Dana laughed.  "You are such a brat! Why do I tell you anything?"

"Because you love me," Sharon quipped. 

Dana finished up her last problem.  "I thought you had a thing for Aaron Carter, anyways."

Sharon shrugged. "I'm keeping my options open.  Remember, my goal is to find a handsome, rich guy & marry them so they'll keep me supplied in furs & diamonds."

Dana stood up.  "Right. And good luck with that.  Cover for me with Mom & Dad. Tell them I went to bed, okay?"

Sharon made kissing noises.

Later that week...

Dana had already said goodbye to her family & was waiting for her taxi when Josh popped up. 

"Were you going to say goodbye?" he asked her.

Dana wiped a tear from her eye. "No. It was going to be too hard."

Josh swung her hands.  "I don't care if I don't get into Sim State. I'll just move up there & work at a coffee shop to be close to you!"

Dana kissed him tenderly goodbye.  "Then I hope I see you soon Josh."

Dana jumped in her cab and as she was closing the door, she waved sadly.  "I love you!"

Sharon rubbed Midnight's belly. She'd found the poor little dog out in the snow a few days ago & had brought her home.  She was such a cute, smart dog - Sharon put her to work in show biz & was actually making some money off of photo shoots and commercials.  How neat was that!?

"Thank you for such a golden anniversary," Lisa said as she stroked Skylar's cheek.  "It's everything that I'd wished for in life... to grow old with a man who loved me & was as devoted to me as I was to him."

Skylar embellished a bow and kissed her hand.  "Twas my pleasure, mi'lady!"

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