November 18, 2011

Rodriguez - Round 12

Dana sighed when they'd finished moving all the boxes.  "Why did we have to move?" she asked again.

Lisa sighed.  "Because Natalie and your Uncle Waylon needed some space... without kids!"

"Yeah, but why couldn't they move?"

Lisa glanced over her shoulder while digging through a box.  "Why? Well, because it wasn't my house.  Dad left it to all of us.  End of discussion."

Dana grumbled.

Lisa shooed her away.  "Go clean up. I'm going to call a few people over."

Dana took some trash out that someone left on the ground and bumped into someone.  "Oh excuse me," she said.

"No, I'm sorry. That was my fault," he said. 

Dana stopped and stared, tongue-tied.

"Hi, I'm Josh," he said holding his hand out.

It was a magical evening.  Dana had never anyone as funny and sweet as Josh before.  He was perfect!  "Thanks for a great night," she said as she leaned forward to kiss him goodbye. 

"Can I see you tomorrow?" he asked.

Dana smiled as she walked inside.  "Call me!"

Lisa came home and felt giddy with relief! She'd done it! She'd reached the top of her career!

"Congrats Mom!" Sharon said as she headed out the door. "I'm going to meet up with Emily at the mall. I'll see you later tonight!"

 Skylar rushed in. "I have some great news!" he announced. 

Lisa enjoyed nights when the whole family was able to eat together.  She knew the time was getting close that her girls would head off to college.  She couldn't be more proud of her girls.  She reached across the table and held Skylar's hand. 

"Ew! Gross!" Sharon squealed.

"Mooooooom," Dana complained.

Skylar winked and blew her a kiss. "Can you imagine what they'd do if we really flirted?" he asked.

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