November 19, 2011

Reeds - Round 13

Ralph blew out his candles and waited for him to feel any different.

Nope, he thought, looking at his hands.  I don't feel any different at all. 

Chelsea had so much fun with her friend Alton.  They played cops and robbers all afternoon long.

Charles had a lot of fun with his friends, too.  His mom let him throw a big party and he scoped the room.  Man, that Dana Rodriguez was hot! He glanced across the room and saw Ralphie hitting up her sister, Sharon.

"Your beard looks funny," Chelsea said at dinner that night.  "You need to shave!"

Charles laughed.  "I just wanted to do something a little different, that's all.  Everyone keeps thinking I'm Wilbur! It's embarrassing!"

Chelsea giggled.

Wallace sighed.  He was planning an anniversary party & needed to know who to invite over. His invitation list kept getting longer.. and longer.. and longer.  How could he not invite some of his friends? Attacking the list with a pencil, he counted down and realized that he had twenty friends that he all considered best friends! Shaking his head, he knew he had to whittle his invitations to about eight... Maybe he'd pull names from a hat...

Claire clapped as her family sang her happy birthday off-key.  "Thank you! Thank you! And now to blow out the candles!" she announced...

Happy birthday, Claire!

"Happy birthday Mom!" Chelsea cheered.

"Thanks, sweetie," Claire told Chelsea as she hugged her.  Claire frowned when she saw the clothes Chelsea had changed into.  "Are you sure that's appropriate?"

Chelsea moped, "Aw, come on, Mom! You know it's fine!"

Claire met Walter's eyes and saw him shrug.  "I guess it's okay. It'd be nice to see you dress... nicer... though..."

Chelsea laughed and hugged her mom.  "Love you!"

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  1. Darn what game giving Chelsea an awful looking outfit!!!


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