November 23, 2011

Reeds (2) - Round 13

 Amy had never felt more at peace than she did in her little glen.

 "Mom," Amy said hugging Brandi.  "I'm sorry if I worried you."

Brandi wiped the tears from her eyes.  "I'd thought you were dead.  You should have called!"

"I know, Mom. I was just so shocked to find out that I'd... changed... And then it took me awhile to get used to it, to build my glen.  And there's something else I want to show you..."

"Your first grandchild, Rudhon."

Brandi looked around what Amy called her Glen.  It really was amazing.  Rudhon played with butterflies while the twins sat in a path of flowers and calmly chatted.  It was so tranquil... so peaceful here.  Brandi looked at Amy joking around with Matthew.  She seemed more at peace her than she ever had back home.

She walked up to Amy and hugged her fiercely.  "Be happy.  That's what I want for you the most."

"I love you, Mom," Amy said.  "Thanks for understanding."

Amy chatted with Rodhun as she bathed in the water.  "Sunlight, water and love.  That's what we need to live.  It's nice, isn't it?"

Rodun cooed.

"Wilbur? Is that you?" Amy asked when she saw a man at the edge of her Glen, smelling the flowers.

Wilbur jerked up.  "Who's there?"

"It's me, Amy."

Wilbur came closer and studied her.  "What happened to you?" he asked, with a touch of wonder in his voice.

"I'm free! I used to worry about what other people thought... but here... I'm surrounded by nature and I am loved!"

Wilbur glanced around the lot.  It was too dark to see everything.  But, to see Amy smile.  It was beautiful. He thought about all the heart ache he'd been through in college- being passed over by all the girls.  He wondered what it would be like to live here in a simple, beautiful world... and to be loved.

Amy saw the thoughts floating across Wilbur's face.  It was funny how perceptive she'd become since becoming a Plant Sim.  Leaning forward, she kissed him lightly on the lips.

"You are loved," she told him.

Wilbur got out of bed quietly and gazed at the woman.. the plant... Amy... as she lay sleeping.  It had been amazing, but he was worried if he stayed that he might somehow mess up this perfect world.  Tiptoeing out, he started to head home when he saw little Rodhun at the edge of clearing.

 "Goodnight little Rodhun," Wilbur told him as he played in a puddle.

The next morning, Amy stretched wide awake and smiled.  After caring for her plants, she and Rodhun stared at the clouds as they passed and soaked in the sunrays. She knew she would see Wilbur again.

And she did.  He came over every night and joined her in her bed.  She had come to care very much for him, but knew he had to make a choice to stay instead of leave.

"Amy," Wilbur began.  "You're amazing. Will you..." Wilbur was interrupted when all of a sudden Rodhun began to grow.

Startled, he stepped back.  Before him stood a man where a baby had stood before.

He glanced at Amy and back to Rodhun.  "What?"

Amy hugged Rodhun.

Rodhun glanced at his hands and checked his toes.  It felt interesting to grow so big, so fast.  It was almost as though he could feel himself grow.

Wilbur made his excuses and left.  He'd been to startled to ask Amy his question.  There were too many unknowns.  To age from a baby to a man in a moment's time.  What happened when someone became old? Would Amy turn brown and wither away? How long of a lifetime would they have together?

In the end, he couldn't stay away and he decided that he would live his life with her on her terms, not his own.

Kneeling, he proposed marriage to her and asked her to take his last name.

She agreed and murmured a few words in an unfamiliar tongue & announced they were married.

And soon, she told him that she was expecting.

Wilbur worried again.  Would she have a human baby... a mixed baby? Would she be healthy? Would the baby be healthy? Wilbur wished he knew the answers...

Rodhun spawned a baby of his own and called him Cennon.

Amy looked around the room & smiled at all the life that existed in it.  There was a mingling of two worlds and it was beautiful to watch!

"So they don't eat? Ever?" Mason asked curiously.

Wilbur toyed with his food.  "They'll eat, but they don't need to.  Amy says that sometimes she craves a bowl of macaroni like she ate when she was human."

Mason nodded.  "Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Do you ever wish you were... you know.. a Plant Sim too?"

Wilbur sighed.  "Sometimes I wish I was a Plant Sim. But Amy says it's not for me.  That it's not in my future. My duty is to our baby..."

"Wilson," Amy murmured.  "You will be a fine young man, like your father."

Amy gazed at her Glen lovingly.  It was growing as their family expanded.  Wilbur had asked if they could get a puppy.  She'd lovingly told him no.

 He asked if she was worried about the flowers being destroyed & she'd patted his cheek and told him that she was pregnant again.

Rodhun held Cennan in his arms and stared at the birthday cake.  He'd never seen one before except in the movies.  And in the movies they lit candles and yelled Happy Birthday.  He jiggled Cennan on his hip and yelled "Happy Birthday!"

Cennan glanced at his hands and his tunic, then glanced around the room.  "Is this... cake, Father?"

Amy set another cake on the table and snuggled little Wilson.

 Coochie, coochie, coo!  Wilson giggled as Amy played with him.

He was the spitting image of his father...

The family gathered in the nursery and talked about birthdays and babies.

Wilbur was asking Cennan if he planned on spawning a baby.  "So, how do you know when it's time to spawn a baby?" Wilbur asked.

Cennan shrugged.  "Just as the trees know when it's time to release their spores... and the bees know where to collect the honey. When it is time... I will spawn a baby to raise and love."

 Later that night...

 "Hello, little son, little Bronadir."  Cennan gathered his seedling in his arms.

Wilson huggled Bronadir. "Brubber!" he said.  "He my brubber!"


  1. I love to play plant sims. They are so much fun. Woah, how many generations are in this family? lol

  2. I must admit I had never played Plant Sims before! They were so much fun, though! I look forward to playing this house!


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