November 19, 2011

Potters - Round 13

Evelyn was so glad to move back home.  After getting back, she threw a small get together to celebrate graduation.  She couldn't believe how handsome Mason Steele had become! She spent a long time that afternoon chatting with him and catching up on his life. 

She guiltily glanced over at Seth, feeling as if she was cheating by just talking...

Turning towards Perry, she gave him a friendly hug.  "And  I hear you're happily married with  a newborn! I'm so happy for you!" she gushed.

Perry smiled.  "Thanks! Melanie's the best! And Ross is the cutest little boy in the world!"

Evelyn laughed.  "Man! Things have certainly changed since high school!"

Perry smiled. "It sure has. So, are you seeing Mason now?"

Evelyn sputtered, "Oh no! We're just friends." Glancing around the room for Seth, she called him over.  "This is Seth, we met in college." 

Levi threw himself into work.  There were two things that he'd dreamed about:  becoming an architect and marrying Lily Carter.  They'd talked about it as they'd snuggled on the couch. He would get the job and she would stay home and take care of the house and the kids.

(In honor of Alvin's new want to have 6 pets reach top of career... a new generation!)

Veronica came home from work exhausted and plopped on the couch beside Curtis.  "Come on! The news is so boring! Let's watch the dance station!" she pleaded.

Curtis looked over at her and raised his eyebrows.  "I was watching this."

Veronica scooted closer to him. "Come on! Don't make me wrestle you for the remote!"

Curtis held the remote over his head. "Bring it!"

Veronica pouted. "Oh come on. You know I leave for college tomorrow..."

Curtis waved the remote around. "Come on get it!"

Veronica giggled and jumped on Curtis and started tickling him to break past his remote-control defense.

When they wound up face to face on the couch, Curtis whispered, "You know you're going to college tomorrow. So you're practically legal..."

Veronica reeled.  Perhaps she had bitten off a little more than she could chew! It was all fun and games messing around with the neighborhood boys, but Curtis was way out of her experience.  Awkwardly, she pulled back and tried to joke, "Yeah, practically... but not quite!"  Then, she high-tailed it to her room and shut the door trying to make sense of what just happened...

"Come on... come on.... oceanography job... please be here... please be here..." Evelyn mumbled as she clicked through the online want ads.

"YES!" she yelled out when she found it.  "Click yes..." she said as she clicked through the online prompts.  "I've got the job! This calls for a celebration!"

Evelyn invited all her friends over again, but was disappointed when only a handful arrived.  "I guess everyone's busy with work," she told Seth.  "Go figure, huh?"

Seth wrapped his arms around her.  "But, I made it here. That's what counts, right?"

Evelyn smiled wanely. "Of course!" It's not like she was waiting for Mason to show up...

(I like how all the cats have black feet like their dad, Kitty, and one black ear!)

Levi came home from work, excited.  Veronica had gone off to college and he was an adult now! He needed to get a few things ready and then he was going to propose to Lily!

Mason hurried over and rang the doorbell, feeling ridiculous.

He smiled when Evelyn opened the door.  "Mason?!" she said.  "What are you doing here?"  She told herself not to react.

Mason smiled.  "I missed your party earlier since I was working, but... I wanted to see you..."

Evelyn felt the butterflys in her stomach start fluttering.  "Oohhhh..." she said.


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