November 17, 2011

Potters - Round 12

Veronica was having the time of her life!  Her sister, Evelyn, tried to tell her that she was boy crazy & that she needed to pay more attention to her studies.  And she completely planned on going to college - but she didn't have to have a grade A average to go to Sim State University.  And really, that cutie down the street, Joshua Bear, now that was worth blowing off her homework!

Or that foreign exchange student who was in town visiting for a few days...

Alright, Veronica thought.  Maybe I am boy crazy.  But, it's not like Evelyn had never experimented herself!
"Sisters are dumb," Veronica told her cat as they played.  "Evelyn thinks that just because she's going away to college that means she's smarter than me!  Like she never messed around with boys!  I can't wait until she's gone! I'll have the room to myself!"

Outside she heard the taxi cab honk.

Evelyn smiled and waved one last time to her mom and brother.  She couldn't believe she was heading off to college! She hoped she knew a few people there...

Sonja watched the tail lights disappear and wiped away a tear.  She knew her baby girl was almost a grown up.  Funny how it still felt like she was her little girl!

"You okay, Mom?" Levi asked as he wrapped his arm around her waist and hugged her.

Sonja patted Levi's hand.  "Yes, I'm fine, Levi.  These are happy tears."

"What are you doing up?" Alvin asked as he came in the kitchen.  He saw Sonja just staring out the window.  "It's 1 in the morning.  Don't you have work in the morning?"

Sonja sighed.  "Yes. Work tomorrow. I'm just missing our little girl, that's all."

Alvin wrapped Sonja in a hug and squeezed her playfully.  "Are you kidding? One down, 2 to go!" he joked.

Sonja laughed and then patted his cheek.  "Oh Alvin," she sighed.

"So what? You mean to you're not going to date anyone else besides Lily Carter?" Veronica asked as they were goofing around.

Levi laughed.  "No, we're going to get married right away.  I love her!"

Veronica made a face. "But how do you know you're going to love her 6 months from now? And how are you going to know if she's a good kisser?"

Levi shrugged.  "We just know."

Veronica shook her head and scoffed.  "I think that's ridiculous! You're hopeless!" Veronica threw her hands up in the air and stalked out of the room.

"What's ridiculous?' Mom's coworker asked.

Veronica loved the scruffy beard.  Feeling bold, she blurt out, "He's going to wait to have sex until he's married!"

He raised his eyebrows.  "And you're not?"

Veronica smiled coyly, "Is there anything worth waiting for?"

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