November 20, 2011

McMillans - Round 13

Chester came home and sighed.  A promotion.  It seemed that things were starting to look up.  Sometimes he still walked in expecting Jacqueline to be there playing with Lawrence.  Brittany said it was time to move on... to get back in the dating game...

So, Chester sent Brittany out with Lawrence and called up Meredith to see if she was interested in watching a show together.  She'd readily agreed and they had a fun evening.  Chester kissed her cheek before she left, "Thanks for a great evening. I didn't think I was ready... but... I had a lot of fun."

Meredith smiled.  "Me too.  Maybe we can do this again."

Chester hugged her and walked her to the porch.  "I'd like that. I think I'd like that alot," he told her.  Chester stood and watched as she walked down the block and waited for the guilt to set in.  It never did.

Lawrence liked Meredith. She was nice. She talked to him and didn't mind explaining things.  He knew that his Dad was dating her, even though he said they were just friends. Aunt Brittany said that he had to be super nice to her because Dad liked her a lot.  He'd asked her if that meant she was going to be his stepmom.

"How would that make you feel?" she'd asked.

Lawrence thought long and hard about it for a few days and then finally went up to Dad before he had to get ready for work.

"Dad," he waited until his Dad was paying attention.  "I've decided that I'm ready to have another Mom and Meredith can be her, okay?"

Tears sprang to Chester's eyes as he half laughed, half cried.  "She'll never replace your Mom, but she's pretty special to me & I'm glad she's special to you, too."

"You know," Chester told Lawrence as he ruffled his hair.  "You're a fine young man."

Lawrence jerked away, embarrassed.  "Hey, watch the hair," he groused.  "You'll mess the gel up."

Chester smiled and play punched Lawrence.  "So let's get out of here and do something just you and me? Want to toss a football?"

"Actually Dad, I have a date. Rain check, though, okay?"

Chester nodded and watched Lawrence run off to get ready for his date.  How fast time flies, he thought sadly. 

Time seemed to be standing still for Brittany.  She'd been stuck in a rut since Jacqueline died.  She hadn't had time to date or start her own family since she'd been helping Chester hold his family together.  But now Lawrence was older and Chester was pretty serious about Meredith... it was time to shake things up a little bit.

Halfway through the date Brittany realized that she was incredibly bored. She remembered how much fun she'd had hanging out with Alec Carter.  She made her excuses and then looked up Alec's old phone number...

Chester wrapped his arm around Meredith and snuggled with her.  "You know Mer? I've been thinking. Would you like to move in? I mean, you're here all the time anyways. I just thought it'd be nice."

Meredith smiled and kissed Chester. "I'd love it."  She didn't let it show, but she was a little disappointed that he didn't propose.  She knew he'd loved Jacqueline deeply and tried to be understanding.  At least this was a step in the right direction...

 "Umm... Alec... I know we only went out on one date... but I have some news for you..." Brittany was nervous about how he would react.

Alec was shocked.  "Oh God. Wow. Well... so what do you want to do? Do you want to get married?"

Brittany frowned.  She'd thought that their dream date had topped the charts... but maybe Alec didn't feel the same way.

"Not if you don't want to. I mean, you can be involved however much you want to be."

Alec nodded. "Okay. You just kind of sprung this on me. I'm going to need some time to think," he said.  "Look, I'm just trying to be upfront."

"Yeah. I appreciate it. Well, anyways, I'm feeling kind of tired today. I guess I'll talk to you later." She showed him the door and then went to her room and cried.

Brittany laid in her bed for days, not coming out to eat and not talking to anyone. She couldn't believe she'd made such a rookie mistake getting pregnant on the first date, especially if it didn't mean anything to Alec!

Hearing her stomach rumble, she shuffled out to the kitchen to cook some breakfast, then thought she saw the ghost of Princess. Startled, she tripped and fell and hit her head on the edge of the counter.

Lawrence gasped when he saw Aunt Brittany fall.  Quickly, he propped her head up and was able to bandage her head, then he called Dad to help.

Dad told him later that due to his quick acting, he'd saved Aunt Brittany's life.  It felt pretty cool.

The blow caused Brittany to go into labor prematurely, though.  She delivered little red-headed Rosa immediately thereafter.

Feeling like it was time for a fresh start, and still heart-broken that Alec hadn't called, Brittany packed up and moved to her own place.  Chester tried to talk her into staying to be with family and having help with the newborn, but Brittany just shook her head. "You're starting a new life with Meredith and I'm starting a new life with Rosa.  It'll be best this way.  We'll still be in the neighborhood, don't worry.  We'll see each other!"

Chester decided that life went by too quickly to waste anymore time.  He thought it would be harder to propose to Meredith, but in the end, it was a piece of cake.

Chester slipped the ring across the table at breakfast.  "Way to go Dad! It's about time!" Lawrence cheered. Chester waited to see Meredith's reaction.  She smiled and slipped the ring on her finger then reached across and squeezed his hand.

"I love you," she said through the tears.

Chester squeezed back.  "I love you, too."


  1. I am happy about Chester... and not quite about poor Brittany :/. Paying more attention, Britt?

  2. I love being able to talk Grim out of a soul.... hehe


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