November 18, 2011

McMillans - Round 12

Brittany scowled at the computer and pushed the keyboard away.  "Dance will still be here when you finish college," she mimicked her brothers.  "God! There's no Dance jobs anywhere!" she fumed.  Chester had gently suggested getting an entry level job, as a waitress or a golf caddy, that way at least she was working.  But, her heart was set on Dance. She didn't want to have to settle.

But time was passing by fast! Soon Lawrence was celebrating his birthday.

Brittany was surprised how fast that kid was growing up!  He was so mature for his age, too.  He didn't like to play on the slide outside, he liked to read the newspaper and comment on current events.  Weird!

The biggest surprise was that Jacqueline was pregnant again.  Brittany knew she needed to get a job quick and get out of the house.  She didn't want to be around a newborn again! They woke up all the time & there were so many diapers and bottles laying around the house. Gross!

Brittany was famished. She couldn't wait to tear into that lobster thermidor that the Nanny had left in the fridge.  It looked delicious!  She had just set her plate at the table when she thought she'd heard a strangled yelp from the bathroom.  Pausing, she listened again to see if she heard anything.  Shrugging, she sat back down, then a horrible thought struck her... what if it was Jacqueline and the baby!  Running into the bathroom, she saw Jacqueline curled up on the floor.  She yelled for help from Chester, but it was too late.  There wasn't anything she could do to save her sister-in-law.  Numbly, she walked into Chester's room to tell him.  He was sleeping so deeply, she hated to wake him up...

Lawrence sat on the swing outside and kicked at the dirt.  This sucked. He couldn't believe his Mom had died. And his little brother or sister.  He wished Mom had never gotten pregnant.  Now everything just sucked.

"Lawrence," his Dad called from the back door.  "Time to come in and eat."

"I don't want to eat," he yelled.

He heard his Dad sigh and felt worse.

"Fine! I'm coming," he said as he pushed away from the swing.

"Oh Yum!" Lawrence said, his voice laced with sarcasm.  "Salad! Delicious! How did you find the time to make this!"

Chester put his fork down and touched Lawrence's shoulder.  "I know it's going to hurt a lot right now. But, it's going to get better.  We're going to be okay."

Lawrence just shrugged his Dad's hand off his shoulder and ate in silence. After they finished their dinner, Lawrence hovered near his Dad.  "Can I sleep with you tonight?" Lawrence asked.  "You know.. just for tonight?"

Chester put his arm around Lawrence's shoulders.  "Yeah, that will be nice."

Chester laid in bed and watched his son long after Lawrence had fallen asleep.  He was so worried about how to make things better for him.  It just felt so unfair..

Chester mourned the loss of Jacqueline.  It was just so hard without her.  Brittany had tried to help as much as she could.  Feeling depressed, he ordered a pizza. God knew he didn't want to get raked over the coals for throwing together a salad tonight.  He bet Lawrence would like a pizza.

"Hi, you ordered a pizza?" the pizza girl asked brightly.  "That'll be $20!"

Chester fumbled for his wallet.  "Here.  And here's a tip," he said as he handed her an extra $10.

"Thanks mister!" she said brightly "Enjoy!"  Then she turned around and headed back to her car.


  1. Awww so sad. Good bye Jacqueline. Hey, that pizza girl looks like she would clean up well... ;)


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