November 22, 2011

McMillans (2) - Round 13

"Come on, baby.  I can be real quick..."  Austin attempted to coax Elizabeth into bed with him. 

Elizabeth frowned.  "Oh, Austin.  I have to get to work. I don't have time to fool around with you this morning."

Austin sighed and got up out of bed, grumbling,  "Well, back to the grind, I guess."

"Look Calico! I got an A+!  Wait until I show Dad!"   (Poor little latch-key kid.  Didn't have anyone else to tell except his cat...)

Austin laid in bed, pouting a little bit.  He'd been trying for days to get some attention from Elizabeth, but she was always too busy studying or taking care of the kids.  All he wanted was about 5 minutes of her time!

Elizabeth came in and tried to stop herself from giggling.  Austin was pouting like a little 5 year old boy who had his candy taken away from him.  Straightening up the bed, she said, "Well, the kids are asleep, the kitchen is clean, and I'm about to jump you.  Are you good with that?"

Austin wasn't sure he heard her right!  "What?"

Elizabeth laid in bed next to him and snuggled up against him.  "You heard me..."

"Go long!" Austin shouted as he watched football with Clint.  Clint loved watching football & got as into it as Austin did.

"Interception!" Clint cried and shook his hands.  "Idiots!"

Austin cleared his throat and leaned over, "Don't let your Mom catch you saying that!" he advised.

Clint glanced around the room and sagely nodded.

Elizabeth set the pregnancy test on the counter and sat on the toilet to wait.  She was too old to be pregnant! Her boys were all about to be teenagers!  She just couldn't be pregnant. 

Although... Elizabeth thought about how wonderful it would be to have a little girl with curly red hair.  A little girl that didn't belch, fart or make other weird noises at the dinner table.  Elizabeth rubbed her belly and smiled.  Maybe it wouldn't be that bad after all.

Clint came home from school and went straight to the fun.  His folks were at work for another few hours. He was having some friends over.  Especially the chicks!

"You're throwing a party?" Casey asked as he listened to his brother make a few calls. "Right on!"  Pretending to play air guitar, he jumped up on the couch and bounced around. 

"Nice party," Ellen told Casey.  "Is that your brother over there?" she asked while looking over his shoulder. 

Casey glanced back. "Yeah, that's Clint.  You want me to introduce you to him? I bet he'd make a great date!"

Ellen rolled her eyes. "As if. I'm almost in college and you guys are way too young for me!"

Clint didn't even blink an eye at Ellen, though.  He'd seen Sarah Carter across the room and had been drawn to her.  He watched her tuck her hair behind her ear when she saw him looking at her & he took that as an invitation to make his move.

Casey wound up getting lucky with Chelsea Reed.  They'd hung outside talking all night.  Finally, Casey had leaned forward and kissed her sweetly.

Chelsea ducked her head.  "I hope you don't think I'm easy," she told him.

Casey shook his head. "Not at all! I actually think you're really sweet. I really want you to be my girl."

Chelsea smiled.  "I'd like that."

Casey's chest puffed out.  "Let's go back to the party.  Everyone's probably missing us."  Besides, he wanted to tell Clint his good news!

"Oh man," the brothers wearily plopped on the couch after everyone had gone & they'd cleaned up.  "I'm whooped!" Conrad said. 

Casey just sat there with a smile on his face.

Clint elbowed Casey.  "Quit with that smiling.  You act like she's the only fish in the sea! Don't settle for one until you're had a few!"

Conrad rolled his eyes. "Oh yeah, real sage advice."

Clint shrugged. "It's just my opinion!"

"Breakfast time, guys!" Elizabeth called from the kitchen.

"Thanks, Mom!" they all called in unison and elbowed, pushed & tripped their way into the dining room. 

Elizabeth watched the boys rough house all the way to the table and rubbed her belly.  She hoped it was a little girl!

Elizabeth cuddled her newborn against her chest.  Wilbur smiled from ear-to-ear.  "Another little boy!" he cheered.  "You're a lucky little guy, Kevin! You're got three big brothers to watch out for you, isn't that right Elizabeth?"

Elizabeth smiled wanely.  "That's right!"  Handing Kevin to Austin, she plead tiredness and ran off to bed for a little bit of a cry and a long nap.

"Happy birthday Kevin!" Casey said as he swung Kevin around.  Taking care of babies wasn't all that hard.  He wondered how many kids Chelsea wanted to have...

(I was storing kid stuff on shelves in the garage for the next baby.  Kevin... what are you doing? Oh you can reach the toy on the top shelf, eh?  Glad you're enjoying the musical toy from way down there on the floor!)

(No, the baby is not for sale.  He's just being potty trained... on the shelf... Lol! After catching him playing the music, I just had to check to see!)


  1. Amazing the magical boy XDDD! Kevin, you have a career ready for you XD!

  2. Hahahaha! Kevin!!!!! I have never seen a glitch like that!~


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