November 18, 2011

McMillans (2) - Round 12

 Conrad ran into the nursery and showed his Dad his report card.  "Look Dad! All A's!"

Austin clapped his hands. "Way to go, champ! You're doing great! Wait until we tell your Mom"

At dinner, all Conrad wanted to talk about was his grades.  It made Clint so annoyed.  "We heard about your A already" he groused.

Conrad stopped talking and glanced down the table. 

Elizabeth patted Conrad's hand.  "We're very proud of you." Then, she turned to face Clint.  "What did you do in school today, sweetie?"

Clint stuck his tongue out at Conrad and then told his Mom about the water colors they worked on. 

Casey walked out to join dinner. "I learned how to read 'orange!'" he said proudly.

"Well!" Elizabeth announced.  "It seems like I have 3 smart children!"

Conrad couldn't believe it.  Here he was learning how to do algebra and his Mom lumped that with the kids learning to read. Bogus!  "May I be excused?" he asked.

Elizabeth tried to meet his eyes to apologize and said to go ahead.  "Casey, Clint - it's your turn to do the dishes. I'll be in the livingroom studying."

"Never would've guessed," Conrad mumbled under his breath. That's all Mom did these days - study.

 "Casey, go tell your Mom to start cooking - we're throwing a party tonight! It's time to celebrate!"

Chester laughed at the joke Austin told.  "Well, congratulations again about your promotion," Chester said.

"So... how are you doing? Really?" Austin asked.

Chester nodded his head.  "Oh, I'm fine. I worry about Lawrence alot, but I'm okay.  Brittany helps out a lot. It's been okay."

Austin nodded.  "Do you think you'll remarry ever?"

Chester shook his head vehemently.  "You just don't get over a love like that," he said. 

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