November 15, 2011

McMillans (2) - Round 11

Austin took every moment he could to try to teach Conrad everything he needed to know.  He smiled when he thought of how lucky Conrad was to have such a great family.

Uncle Chester came over all the time and would get on the floor and play with him.

"Kids are great, aren't they, man?" Chester said to Austin over dinner one night.  "They're just so amazing and grow up before you know it!  How's that pregnant wife of yours?"

"AHHHH!" Elizabeth cried after jumping out of bed.

Twins! Austin thought, what were they going to do with twins in this small little trailer?

Elizabeth kicked the crib after it's side refused to life.  "I hate this place!" she cried.  "Austin! We've got to do something!"

Conrad rolled his eyes.  He could've told them they needed more room! Two babies waking him up all the time...

Elizabeth glanced around her kitchen and smiled.  Austin had cashed in some of his parent's death benefits and they'd been able to transform their home.  They'd sold the old trailer and built the place from scratch.  And she loved it!

It was the perfect place to raise a family!

Austin was glad that Elizabeth was happy.  He'd always felt it was the family that made a home - not the home that made a family.  And they had an amazing family, he thought one night as he talked to his brother Chester & watched Conrad work on his homework.  He could hear Elizabeth in the nursery singing the toddlers a lullabye.

Yes, he thought, it was the family that made it home...

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