November 22, 2011

Landry - Round 13

 "Dad, can I stay up late and watch tv with you tonight?" Quinn asked. 

Rueben shook his head regretfully.  "I'd like nothing better than that, son, but I need to concentrate on work work tonight."

Quinn sighed.  "Okaaaaaay..."

Dean sat on the bed and giggled while thinking up a joke.  "Hey Quinn!" he said when Quinn walked in the room.  "Why did the window wear glasses?"

Quinn snorted.  "Why?"

Dean dissolved into giggles, "Because it's a window!"  He paused.  "Get it?"

Quinn rolled his eyes.  "Get up. That's my bed."

Dean stopped laughing. "No it's not. It's mine."

Sally called out from the livingroom, "Boys! Get your jammies on."  Both boys jumped up and ran to brush their teeth and get their jammies on. 

 Dean raced back to try to get to the bed before Quinn.  Quinn shoved him out of the way.

"I... told you... this... Oof... is... my bed... Ouch!"

Ryder liked to walk down to the beach every morning before school.  It was nice to go for a swim and get some exercise.  Now that he was a teenager, he could go down whenever he wanted. 

Sally couldn't believe her luck! Her award winning story on the KidzTube bunnies won her a top industry award!  And a promotion. 

 "I wanted to hug him first!" Quinn pouted as he poked Dean in the chest.  "You cheated!"

Dean fumed.  "No I didn't Quinn! I just got off the bus first!"

"Dad! Quinn is cheating!"

Rueben had had enough!  "Boys!" he shouted.  "That is enough with the bickering. You're driving me crazy.  Go up into your room and stay there until you figure out how to be civil to each other."

Rueben shook his head as the boys walked away.  He heard Quinn whisper, "This is your fault" and Dean retort, "No it is not."  Sighing, he walked over to play a game and relax before going upstairs.  Something had to give...

Quinn pouted.  "I told you that I wanted to play with the red car!"

Dean gritted his teeth & ignored Quinn. Dad said they had to learn to be civil, but that was hard when Quinn was such a pain.

"If you don't give me that red car, I'm telling Dad you're not sharing."

Dean continued to play.

"Daaaaaaaaaa!" Quinn yelled.

"Thanks alot!" Dean shouted. "Now we're going to get in trouble. You want the red car! Well go get it! I'm not playing with you!" Dean threw the red car across the room and stomped off.

Ryder peeked his head in the room.  "Guys, Mom & Dad are sleeping. Chill out. You're going to get in trouble. I'll go make some macaroni if you guys play nice."

Quinn & Dean looked at each other.  Macaroni!

"Damn!" Ryder shouted, grabbing the fire extinguisher.  Mom made it look so easy! How the hell do you start a fire making macaroni?!

Maybe he'd have better luck fixing the computer & finding a job to earn a little spending cash...


  1. I love Dean and QueenXDDD! And poor Ryder, at least he's trying :)!

  2. haha those two fighting boys was so true to life! Loved this entry!


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