November 18, 2011

Landry - Round 12

Sally fidgeted. It was hard not going in to work.  Too much to do, too little time to do it in, she thought.  Flipping through the channels, she settled on KidsTube.  Maybe her next article would be an expo on kids shows.  There had to be something really wrong with someone who dressed up like a bunny for a living...

 "TWINS?!" Sally thought, shocked.  "We're going to need another crib!"

 Sally fed the babies and bathed them, then sang nursery rhymes with Ryder. 

"Mom, can I go watch tv with Dad now?" he asked.

Rueben glanced over when Ryder sat down next to him.  "Hey kid, how's it going?" 

Ryder smiled.  "Good.  Whatcha watching?"

Rueben glanced back. "There's this Julia Child marathon that I'm watching."

Ryder looked puzzled, "Who?"

Happy birthday Dean & Quinn!

Ryder lounged on the beach. He loved living here! All his friends were jealous.  It was so peaceful.  And if he got to hot, he just made sure to run in and grab a juice!  He heard his dad's car pull up and got up to say hi.

 "Daaaaaaad!" Ryder cried as he ran full speed ahead to give him a big hug.  "How was work?" he asked.

Rueben leaned over and hugged Ryder tight.  "It was great. I got that promotion I was telling you about. I'm the big cheese now!"

"Great! Wanna see my sandcastle?" Ryder asked excitedly.

"Sure," Rueben said. "Let's go see that sandcastle!"

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