November 15, 2011

Landry - Round 11

Sally couldn't get enough of these shrimp chips.  Normally she would've thought it was totally gross... but lately... she just tore through a bag of shrimp chips in a sitting. "Rueben?" she called.  "Do you know if we have pickles?"

Rueben rolled his eyes.  "Pickles? With shrimp chips? Gross!"

Sally threw a pillow at his head.  "Shut up! I just want pickles!"

Rueben shook his head and tossed the pillow back at her.  "I'm going to go paint," he said.

"Get me pickles," she called after him.

Rueben went for a quick polar-bear dip to get his creative juices flowing and then started the portrait he'd been working on.  Normally he kept a cloth hanging over it. He didn't want Sally to see it before it was done.

He dropped the paintbrush on the driveway when he heard Sally scream.  Racing inside, he called out to her and found her in the bathroom.  "What is it?" he asked, grabbing her shoulders.  He glanced for blood. "Are you hurt?"

Sally just looked at him and smiled.  She handed him a little white stick with a line on it.  "We're pregnant!" she said.

Rueben glanced at the stick and then into her eyes. "Pregnant? How?"

Sally patted his cheek.  "Do we need to have a talk about the birds and the bees?" she teased.

Rueben glared.  "I know how.. I just mean... I thought you were... you know... on the pill..."

Sally shrugged. "I am.  But it's not fool-proof, you know."

Rueben's stomach dropped.  Not. Fool. Proof...  Baby...

Sally tapped her foot.  "And?"

Rueben glanced back at her and tried to focus on her face.  "And?"

"Are you happy?"

"Of course!" Rueben said and then the lights went dark.

"For the love of God! Quit telling people I fainted!" Rueben told Sally.

Sally grinned. "But you did faint, Rueben. In the bathroom."

"Yeah, but that isn't something everyone needs to know."

"Like a little girl," Sally added.

Rueben glared.  "I'm going to go get ready for work."

Time flew by and soon Sally and Rueben had a beautiful little boy they named Ryder.

Sally teased Rueben about his fainting, but he'd been wonderful throughout the pregnancy and had also been an excellent Daddy! He loved taking care of their little boy and was always on hand to help out.

Happy birthday!

Sally couldn't believe her little boy was growing up so fast! It seemed like just yesterday he'd been a little baby!
It seemed like a personal joke sometimes when she laid on the beach holding Rueben's hand.  What had started as a little party shack beachside had turned into something beautiful!

"Can life get any better than this?" Rueben asked.

Sally grinned. "Now don't faint... but..."

"...I'm pregnant..." 



  1. Lol!!! Amazing update this one XDDD! I don't remember them, unfortunately, but I will now XD.

  2. Oh yeah I remember them...this is frat boy Reuben. I remember thinking how cool it was they were living in a beach house.


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