November 15, 2011

Harts - Round 11

Amy knew that she wasn't the prettiest girl on the block.  She'd endured years of teasing and never seemed to have any real friends. Her mom said that she'd grow into her beauty, but Amy wasn't sure.

So, Amy threw herself into gardening.  It was so rewarding to start a life from just seeds and care for a tiny little green plant until it grew into a flower or a vegetable.

She tried to convince herself that she'd found peace in the garden... and that she wasn't lonely...

Brandi was excited the night she came home the top gamer, but knew it was time for a change.  Her last game had been about dolphins with backpack lasers that try to attack humans on land.  In performing her research for the role, Brandi had realized she had a love of ocean animals that she'd never known...  Maybe she should go into Oceanography...

Now that the kids were getting older... it'd be much easier to transition, she thought.

"Alright, time to get to school, little ones," Nanny said.  "That means you too, lassie.  No playing in the weeds this morning."

Amy gazed out the window and winced, "I'll be quick... the poor plants need to breathe! I can feel it!"

"Not another word, lassie," Nanny said firmly. "It'll be off with you to school."

Amy grumbled.  If Mom had been home, she would've understood.  But Mom just started her new job in Oceanography and was gone when they woke up now.

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  1. Poor Amy ç_ç. I hope the furtune turns in her favor sometimes soon.


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