November 18, 2011

Downies - Round 12

 Gunnar jumped back in alarm when he saw his mother rise up out of the coffin.

"GET OUT!" she screamed. 

Gunnar didn't have to be told twice... he ran...

Gunnar stared out the window and grimaced.  "Welp. Thanks for studying with me!" he said as he slammed his book shut.  "I'll see you later!"

She just laughed.  "If I didn't know better, I would think you were trying to get rid of me!"

Gunnar stood up and put her book bag on the desk.  "Nope. But, I just have... stuff to do..."

He groaned when he saw her pout and then start shoving books in her bag.  "Fine! Don't bother showing me out!" she stormed out of the room.

Gunnar ran after her.  "It's not you!" he said. "I just...  Come on... Don't go mad!"

Gunnar threw his hands up in the air.  How did you explain to dates that your Mother was a vampire and a stone cold bitch?

Don sat in his chair and waited for Regina to return.  He felt so old and worn out these days.  He could only hope that he'd raised Gunnar well enough to take over the helm after he passed away. 
He'd made a fatal mistake bringing Regina into his life.  She'd taken over from the first moment she stepped in the door.  Maybe it was karma for all the horrible things he'd done in his lifetime.  Sadly, he thought of Kirsten and Nancy, of his three blonde haired girls who hated him. 

"Too late to fix anything.." he mumbled sadly...

 Too late...

Gunnar sobbed when he came home from school and saw his father's remains by his chair. 

 "I hate her!" he yelled.  "I hate it here!"  Gunnar grabbed his backpack and ran out the door.  It's not like she was going to stop him!

 "You will not run away again, Gunnar," Regina told him after her goons had dropped him off out front.  "I have my ways of finding you."

"Screw you!" Gunnar yelled and then stormed inside.

 Regina transformed into a bat and flew inside after him.

The following night Gunnar was dropped off by two of her men again.  "Caught trying to hop a bus, Madame," they said while averting their eyes.

"Thank you. You are excused," she said.  "Not you!" she snapped when Gunnar started to leave.  "Either you cease attempting to run away or I will turn you into a monster that cannot escape the daylight."

Gunnar slapped his hands away from him.  "Don't touch me!"

Regina wiggled her fingers at him.  "I could make you invincible... powerful..." she taunted.

"A monster!" he yelled.

"Have it your way... for now," she warned.

Gunnar wandered to the edge of the forest and sat down under the trees to watch the stars.  He couldn't imagine only living in the dark... with no day light.  He wished his Dad was still around...

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  1. Well, maybe Don was good for something. He shielded Gunnar from Regina.....poor Gunnar.


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