November 21, 2011

Downies (2) - Round 13

Nancy smiled at her daughter and hugged her.  "I have some news for you, sweetheart.  I'm engaged... but I wanted to wait until you girls came home to get married.  You're happy for me, right?"

Whitney smiled.  "Yeah... I'm happy..."  Everyone was getting married... except her.  

Nancy invited over her family and friends to watch them say "I do."

Whitney frowned.  Ew! Moms should not be allowed to kiss like that in front of their kids.  She glanced over and saw Audrey & Erika wiping tears away from their eyes.  Maybe she was just bitter...

"Hi, are you Nancy's daughter?" a handsome asked.  

"Oh yes," she said.  "My name's Whitney."

"I could tell.  You're just as beautiful as she is.  I especially love your silky blonde hair."

Whitney felt the butterflies flutter in her stomach.

"Thanks.  You're pretty handsome yourself."

 "Do you think they're missing us in there?" Nancy asked.

Weldon kissed her ear lobe.  "Nope and I don't care if they are!"

Nancy giggled. "I guess it is our wedding night. We can do whatever we want to!"

Whitney felt wonderful dancing in the arms of the tall, dark stranger.  His aftershave smelled delicious. It made her head spin and she had an overwhelming urge to kiss his neck."  Control yourself, she told herself sharply.

A little before dawn, he reluctantly pulled away from her.  "I'm sorry.  I have to be up early tomorrow for work. I have to go. But, I don't want to."

Whitney sighed.  "I know. I have work tomorrow, too.  I had a wonderful night."

The mystery man slipped away into the night before Whitney realized she didn't get his name or number.

Dammit! she fumed.  Stupid... stupid... stupid...

The next evening as she was getting ready for bed, the phone rang.  "Will you get that, sweetheart?" Nancy muttered, with her nose buried in a book.

"Sure," Whitney rushed over and answered, "Hello?"

"Hi, I had a wonderful time last night, do you want to meet me downtown?"

"Who is this?" Whitney asked.

There was a long pause.  "Umm... I guess this is the guy that spent an amazing night with you last night... but perhaps you have a lot of guys you dance in the moonlight with..."

"Oh God! No! I'm so sorry! I just... I didn't catch your name last night... and how did you get my number?"

Mystery Man laughed.  "I know your Mom.  She did invite me to her wedding, after all."

Whitney slapped a hand over her face, feeling her cheeks burn.  "Oh God. I feel so stupid."

"Don't! Meet me downtown! I want to see you!"

Whitney threw her clothes back on & pinched her cheeks before running out the door. 

"Where is that stupid taxi?" she muttered.  "He's going to think I stood him up!"  Restlessly, she tapped her foot & looked at her watch.  Stupid taxi!  Glancing down at her watch one last time, she decided to run to the bus stop.

Whitney met up with Mystery Man right outside of one of the hottest spots in town. She'd just given him a hello kiss when she heard a scream.  Right before her very own eyes, she saw some sort of... monster... bite the neck of a stranger. 

Whitney's eyes widened as she watched in horror and the man transformed before her eyes.  Mystery Man grabbed her hand and hissed, "Run!"

They ran as fast as they could away from the scene in front of their eyes.

Whitney & Mystery Man ran into a hip hop club and hid behind the stairs.  "Do you think it saw us?" she asked. 

Mystery Man shook his head.  "I think we got away."

Whitney bent over and tried to catch her breath.  "What was that thing?"

"I don't know. I've never seen anything like that before!"  Glancing at her shaking shoulders, he pulled her close.  "You're freezing."

It felt good to be in his warm embrace.  Whitney just leaned her head on his shoulder.  "That was scary!"
"Thank God you were with me! That could've been me!"  Whitney was tired of fighting with herself, she stood up on her tiptoes and kissed the anything out of her Mystery Man.  (Amazingly, Mrs. Crumplebottom was in the background putting away the juice shots & would glance over every once in awhile, but no purse slapping.  I guess even old biddies need a night off every now & again...)

"Oh God," Whitney moaned when she finally pulled away.  "I don't even know your name!"

Mystery Man laughed.  "Nice to meet you Whitney.  My name is Victor Russell."

Victor wound up spending most of the time at her place, practically moving in.  She actually really enjoyed their time together.  They tried to surprise each other each day and night with dream dates & romantic overtures whenever they could spare some time.

They fell into a pattern of spending time together right after work and then throwing themselves into their skill-building.

It was a cold, dark, rainy night.  Victor heard Barnabus barking his head off.  Thinking there might be someone outside, he'd run outside to check & found the doghouse on fire.  Just as he'd pulled out a fire extinguisher, lightening struck.

Victor swore up and down afterwards that he truly saw his life flash before his eyes, as well as his future.

And he'd known then & there that Whitney was the only woman for him.

It had taken him awhile to convince her to see the light, but eventually he'd managed to convince her that they belonged together.  She wasn't very excited about having a baby right away, but he knew in time that would come. 

For now, they would just concentrate on loving each other and spending their days & nights in a dream date fog.

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  1. Nancy and Weldon..YAY! I like to see the elders get married. Surprise vamp activity, another nice touch. I like that as well. Whitney will be happy now with Victor. :)


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