November 18, 2011

Downies (2) - Round 12

"Bye Mom!" Whitney called out as Erica got in the car.

"Come on Whitney, the driver's waiting!" Reaching out the door and waving goodbye to her mother, she called out, "Bye Mom! Love you!"

Nancy watched her girls drive off to college and then looked back at her house.


 "Guess it's just you and me, Rafeal." Nancy told her bird.  "Would you like a cracker?" 

 The next few days seemed to stretch out into an eternity.  Nancy started making tv dinners. No use cooking a big meal if it was just for yourself. 


Then she met Weldon.

They spent time playing chess and watching old, black and white tv shows.  Nancy felt... comfortable with him..

Nancy opened up to him in ways she didn't realize was possible.  She entered their relationship slowly, with her eyes open.  She'd made such a huge mistake the first time around, so she was determined to do better the second time around.  She felt safe with Weldon, though.

She finally worked up the nerve to invite him to move in with her.  "I really like having you here," she told him.  "You've really helped take the loneliness away."

 It took Weldon awhile to finally work up the nerve to propose.  "I know you think we don't need to get married since we're both pretty old.  But, I would be honored if you chose to be Mrs. Rusewicz." 

Nancy stared at the ring on her finger.  "Mrs. Rusewicz?"

 "You don't mind waiting for my girls.  It's just that they're off at college and I want them here."

Weldon patted her hand.  "We're in no hurry.  We have all the time in the world."

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