November 15, 2011

Downies (2) - Round 11

Erica gloated after coming home.  She'd already reached the top of her teen job and Whitney hadn't found a job yet, at all.  Not that Whitney was looking, she thought sourly.  Not when she was spending all her time with that hunky boyfriend of hers.

Sighing, she trudged inside to get her homework started.  She had a grade point average to maintain.

Whitney couldn't get enough of Brett. She loved his cologne, she loved his hair, she loved his eyes, she loved his hands, she absolutely LOVED him!  Every date seemed so... PERFECT!

"Mom, could you help me with my homework?" Whitney asked after her dream date with Brett ended.  "I asked Audrey to help, but she said she couldn't." Whitney wondered what Audrey's problem was.  All of a sudden, out of the blue, she'd started acting nervous around her and started avoiding her.

Audrey couldn't stop feeling so guilty! She'd just been standing there waiting to ask Brett about their english assignment when he'd turned around and kissed her.  Dumbfounded, she'd kissed him back.  She buried her head in her hands.  She could call the first kiss an accident... but the 2nd... and 3rd.. and 4th... and the make-out session had all been absolutely on purpose.

She didn't know how she could face Whitney every day with that secret hanging over her head.

It was time for her to grow up and move out, she decided. 

Audrey loaded up her two french poodles FiFi and FuFu, hugged her family goodbye and moved out on her own.

"I can't believe she really left," Whitney whispered while they waited for the bus.  "It's going to be so weird without her."

"I know!" Erica agreed.  "And she was acting so strange!"

"I know, right!" Whitney said.  "I wonder what's up with her, anyways."

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  1. Oh what a web we weave when at first we do deceive....


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