November 19, 2011

Carters - Round 13

Shannon came home from work pumped! He'd made it to the top in record time! He couldn't wait to tell Brittany!

"I'm so proud of you baby!" Brittany told him.  "But, what are you looking up?"

Shannon smiled up at her while he surfed around the internet.  "I don't want to stay in the same job forever, I want to go into something new and exciting. I was thinking about politics!"

Brittany's smile wavered. "Do you think that's smart. The baby's almost here. Can't you stay a little longer? Until things are more stable?"

Shannon got up and rubbed Brittany's back. "Don't worry baby.  I've got this all taken care of!"

Later in the night, just as Shannon and Brittany started feeling a little frisky, Brittany surprised them both by going into labor.

(Come on Shannon, don't pout - go help her!  Maybe you can woo hoo afterwards!)

Brittany smiled as she snuggled against little Sonja.  "Twins!" she gasped.  "I can't believe it!"

Shannon grinned.  "I can! Twins run in our family!" He played with Alton's toes.  "Look at this guy, he's so tiny!"

Michelle was so excited to tell Adam the good news.  "Twins!" she cried.  "You're a grandpa!"

Adam pulled Michelle into a quick celebratory dance.  "And you're a grandma!"

"It's been forever since we've had a baby in the house! I need to read all about parenting. Brittany might have questions!"

Adam nodded.  "Let's read the book together." As an afterthought, he added, "You know, Brittany's not that bad. She seems to be really in love with Shannon."

Michelle rolled her eyes. "I told you so!"

Lily was so excited after her graduation.  She kept waiting for Levi to propose, but he hadn't asked her to marry him yet.  She was starting to worry that he never was going to ask her.  She was sure he'd ask her right after graduation, but that didn't happen.  Then, she thought he'd ask her on her birthday...

...but that didn't happen.

"Happy birthday, baby.  I hate to have to run, but there's something at work I need to take care of!"

"Oh God! I can't even make macaroni!" Lilly cried after she set their dinner on fire.  "He's never going to marry me if I can't cook for him!"

Happy birthday Alton and Sonja! Brittany thought that her kids had to be the most loved children in the town!  Grandma and Grandpa spent hours teaching them to talk, walk, nursery rhymes and how to use the potty.  If Brittany didn't force them to step away, she'd never have any time with the kids herself!

Brittany had cried one night in Shannon's arms after Sonja's first word was 'gama' instead of 'mama'.  "They love your parents more than me... and I'm their mother!"

Shannon stroked her back.  "No they don't. They know you're their mom.  And, you know, my folks aren't going to be around forever.  I love that the kids are going to know their grandparents. Hopefully they're have really positive memories of them.."

Brittany sniffled. "I know! I know! I just... It's just hard sometimes, that's all."

Shannon dried her tears. "I know. I'll talk to Mom."

There were plenty of oppurtunities to talk to Mom about Brittany's fears, but Shannon just never found the right time to do it.  Whenever he looked at her and thought he'd bring it up, he saw just how... old... his parents were.  And it made him so sad. How could he ask them to stop showering love on their grandchildren?  So, he decided to hold out for a week and see if a better time came up...

Alec was making great progress at work, so he'd decided to date again.  Seeing his niece and nephew growing up so fast made him think about a relationship of his own.  He'd invited an old college friend over, but the date had fallen flat.  There was no... spark... not like he'd had with some of the other girls!

"I don't know what to do! How did you know Brittany was the one? There were so many girls and all of them were great for different reasons!" Alec asked Shannon.

Shannon shook his head.  "I don't know... when you fall in love, you just know!"

Alec grumbled. "Big help you are!"

Alec smiled at Katy and led her to the kitchen.  "Thanks for coming over. We're just about to celebrate the kids birthday!"

Katy giggled.  "Maybe afterwards we could.. um... go upstairs?"

Alec did a double-take.  "Oh yeah? Really?"

Katy giggled again and nodded as everyone began singing happy birthday.

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