November 17, 2011

Carters - Round 12

Michelle was so excited! Her boys had moved back from college and she'd reached the top of her career.  The house had been so quiet without the twins! She didn't even hear a peep from Lily!

But now her boys were back!  Alec had outgrown his need to date anything with a skirt and had decided to pursue a culinary career.  And Shannon, she was so proud of that boy!   He wanted to go into the legal field, but had decided to enlist in the military so that they would pay for the additional schooling.  He had told her that he loved feeling like he was making a difference.

Shannon put the bills in the mailbox and started to trudge back into the house.  It was weird getting used to living at home again.  You could tell Mom was excited to have them back.  He didn't have to heart to tell her that he might not be staying.  How was he supposed to meet girls if he told them he lived with his parents!

As he started up the step, he stopped suddenly when the most beautiful women he'd ever seen walked by.

"Hey! Do you live around here?" he blurted before she could walk away.

Brittany smiled.  "I live a few blocks over. Do you live here?" she asked, glancing at the house.

"Yes, this is my house," Shannon said smoothly, editing out any reference to his parents.  Grabbing her hand he kissed it softly.  "My name is Shannon and I am enchanted to meet you."

 "Mom... Dad... I just wanted to let you know that I love her and I'm going to propose to her," Shannon told his parents.  "Is it okay if she moves in with us? Or should I find another place to stay?"

"Of course she can stay here! We have plenty of space, don't we Adam?" Michelle reassured him.

Adam glanced at Michelle and snorted.  "What do we know about her?" he asked.  "For all you know, she could be a gold digger.. or a criminal..."

The silverware clanging loudly as they hit the table was the only sound heard.  Shannon pushed his chair back from the table and threw his napkin down.

Michelle kicked Adam under the table and then hurried to smooth Shannon's feelings.  "He's just trying to protect you.  We'd love to get to know her better, wouldn't we honey?"

Adam rubbed the sore spot on his shin.  "I was just..."

Michelle spoke over him, saying more loudly, "Wouldn't you HONEY?"

Adam grunted, "Oh alright, we'd love it."

Shannon hesitated, "Are you sure?"

"Of course honey! It'll be wonderful!" Michelle reassured him.

Shannon felt so blessed when Brittany agreed to marry him.  And the wedding was so beautiful.

The best part was that soon after the wedding, they found out that they were expecting.  Shannon hoped it was a boy!

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