November 22, 2011

Carters (5) - Round 13

Roxie couldn't believe it when her boss called her into the office.  She was sure she was going to get fired.  But, apparently Christa pulled some strings for her & got her the big promotion!  She couldn't wait to tell...

... "Renaud?" Roxie asked, her voice breaking.   "What are you doing here?"

Renaud glanced over in her direction and scowled.  "Your husband invited me over.  He said that there was something you needed to tell me."

Roxie gulped.  "Did he say what?"

Renaud just shook his head.  "What's up Roxie? You didn't give me the heebie jeebies, did you?"

Roxie shook her head.  "No, it's nothing like that."  Sighing, she led him inside.  "Well, you might as well come in and get comfortable."

Roxie served a quick dessert to sit down with the guys and talk about the situation.  Renaud took it surprisingly well, considering...

"You mean, I like, have kids?" he asked.  "Way cool!"

Danny felt his blood pressure rise.  He'd raised those kids since they were newborns, loving and caring for them, and here this idiot was saying 'way cool'.  Swallowing down his anger, he took a bite of the gelatin and tried to remain calm.

Roxie smiled.  "They're great kids.  You can meet them if you like."

Renaud laughed.  "Meet them? Nah, they'd probably cramp my style. Can't be a party bachelor if you have a couple of kids running around."

"They're not toys, you jerk! They're two kids who want very much to meet you, for reasons beyond my fathoming!"

Renaud help his hands out. "Whoa... major negative vibe!"

"Oh Christ!" Danny grated his teeth.  "Roxie. I don't want this idiot to have anything to do with our kids."

Roxie started to speak, but Renaud interrupted her.  "Whoa... excuse me if I'm wrong, but you called me to tell me that you hid the fact that I made a mistake a decade ago!  I'm just reacting, here."

Roxie shoved the chair away from the table and glared at Danny.

"Danny. You're being unreasonable!"

"Oh this should be good!" Danny argued, jumping up from his chair.  "Please explain to me how I'm being unreasonable about the fact that my wife fathered another man's children & that other man just happens to be an idiot!  What were you thinking?"

Roxie wiped a tear away from her eye.  "I wasn't, okay! And I'm sorry. I messed up... pretty big!  But, you keep making decisions without me!  You decided to tell the kids, you decided to invite Renaud over & now you've decided that Renaud should have nothing to do with them!"

Danny buried his face in his hands.  "I thought I could handle this... I don't know if I can...  I'm going to bunk upstairs with the kids tonight."  Turning towards Renaud he sighed and said, "It was nice meeting you.  I'll leave you and Roxie to make the decisions..."

Roxie's shoulders slumped as she watched Danny walk upstairs.  "Excuse me," she said to Renaud as she ran into the closet for a good cry.

She was just wiping the tears away from her eyes when Renaud walked in.  He put his hand on her shoulder.  "Are you okay? That was pretty intense!"

Roxie laughed.  "Understatement of the year!"


Roxie looked up at the ceiling and tried to collect her thoughts.  "There's no pressure.  You can meet the kids & get to know them or not.  They're curious about you, obviously."

Renaud just shrugged.  "I'll let you know."  Then, he glanced sideways at the closet.  "We had some good times in that closet," he said jerking his head in that direction.  Lowering his voice, he leaned forward, "Some really good times..."

Roxie bit her lip and considered.  It's not like Danny was ever going to forgive her...  What did it matter anyways?

Making up her mind, she smiled and strutted inside.  "I'm not sure I do remember.  Maybe you need to remind me!"

Anthony couldn't believe how sexy Sharon Rodriguez was!  And she seemed to dig him, too.  Tyler made it sound like it was hard to find a date, but here was this cutie right in front of his eyes!

Sarah was attracted to Lawrence McMillan.  All that gorgeous red hair! So sexy! She danced over closer to him to and began to bump her hip up against his.

"Hey! I'm Sarah!" she yelled over the music.  "Wanna dance?!"

A few days later...

Danny hadn't wanted to even celebrate his birthday, but the kids had decided to throw a surprise party.  Putting on a smile, he joked, "Wow! You guys got me!"

He tried to avoid Roxie as he looked around the room as everyone sang him happy birthday.

"You look like a monkey.. and you smell like one toooooooo," sang Anthony off-key.

Danny felt his heart-strings pull.  It seemed that every day there was a reminder that these children he loved more than anything weren't his.  It was enough to make him feel like an old man...

"Thanks for coming home with me to show me the ropes.  You know, I got into the gaming industry a little late, huh?" Roxie joked.

Doug laughed, as well.  "No problem.  I can show you some of the commands you'll be expected to be able to execute."

Roxie toyed with the lapel of his shirt.  "Although, we could start with something a little bit more fun..."

Doug looked intrigued.  "What kind of things are we talking about?" he asked when all of a sudden Roxie leaned forward and began kissing him.

Roxie grabbed his hand and snuck into the master bedroom through the porch.  Good, Danny was upstairs in the kids room again!  Tumbling with Doug onto the bed, she continued to kiss him.  Pulling back after several minutes, she asked, "You'll be sure to put in a good word for me, right?"

Doug looked stunned that she'd stopped.  "Yeah. Yeah. I'll put in a good word," he growled as he pulled her mouth back to his.

Tyler ate his breakfast and looked around at his family.  "Well, after this I'm heading off to college! I want to get up there and get unpacked."

Danny smiled fondly at Tyler.  "I'm proud of you, son," he said.

Tyler looked around the room.  "Do you know where Mom is?"

Danny frowned.  "I'm not sure.  I think she had to work late last night.  Maybe you can sneak in & give her a kiss goodbye before you leave."

Tyler smiled.  "Sounds like a good idea!" Tyler put his plate in the sink and headed to the room.  Knocking quietly, he whispered, "Mom... hey Mom... it's me... I'm coming in..."

Two seconds later, Tyler tripped over himself and ran out the door to hail that cab.

Danny was worried & ran after Tyler.  "What's wrong, Tyler? Is everything okay?!"

Tyler looked alittle pale and shakily waved goodbye.  "I'm good, Dad. Love you! See you soon!"


  1. Aaaaaand things went this way :/. I am curious though: did you plan it all, or you followed Roxie and Danny's decisions?

  2. I was mostly following their wants. I actually didn't want Roxie to get caught, but Danny queued a want to congratulate her for woo-hooing 10 guys. *shakes head*


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