November 21, 2011

Carters (3) - Round 13

 "Welcome home son," Sean said as he shook Brett's hand.

"Good to be back."

"So tell me all about college!" Sean said as they walked in and sat down.

"Well, I graduated Summa Cum Laude and I'm getting married..."

Sean sat down in shock.  "Well, well...  Wait until your Mother hears!"

Hazel insisted on throwing a big party with almost everyone in town over.  She said it would be good for connections when he became a lawyer.  Brett shook his head.  He didn't know if Mom was more excited that he was getting married or that he'd decided to become a lawyer...

But all that mattered to him was making Erika his wife for the rest of his life.  He was relieved that both Audrey and Whitney came to the wedding.  He'd been worried that they might hold his past against him. But Whitney stood front & center and cheered for her sister despite all the ups & downs they'd been through.

Erika snuggled against Brett.  "So how do you feel about kids?" she asked.

Brett kissed the top of her head.  "A little boy that's rough & tumble like I was and a little girl with a cut little bow in her hair like you."

Erika smiled.  "A little boy! I don't think I'd know what to do with him! I grew up in a house full of women!"

Brett laughed, "You'll be a wonderful mother anyways!"

Erika tiptoed to the bathroom suite so that she didn't wake up Brett. It was the middle of the night, but she had to use the restroom badly! Ever since finding out she was pregnant, she felt like she spent half her day in there with morning sickness or with a weak bladder!

Brett wrapped his arms around Erika and pulled her close.  "I am so excited about being a Dad!"

Erika laughed.  "You're going to be such a great Dad!"

Brett smiled. "Yeah, I had a pretty good example!"

Erika glanced over her shoulder, "Are they making out in our room again?"

Brett looked over and saw his parents locked in a romantic embrace and smiled. "They're like teenagers still! I hope when we're their age that we're the same way!"

Ellen was pretty surprised that Brett had gotten hitched - to his highschool sweetheart's sister, no less.  Talk about awkward holidays! she thought to herself.  But, that was his deal.  It didn't matter to her - it was her turn to go off to college.  It was a party waiting to happen!

2 o'clock wake up again, Erika thought bitterly as she ran to the bathroom.  Stopping mid-stride, she realized this time was different... this time... she was in labor!

She gave birth to a beautiful little girl.  They settled on the name Lindsay.

Erika was amazed that it was time for her little girl to grow up already!  Brett had wanted to throw the best Princess Party, ever.  He'd even looked into renting a pony.

"Really?" she'd demanded.  "What is a toddler going to do with a pony?"

Brett had been a little embarrassed for going over the top, but he still tried to defend himself, "Even toddlers can ride a pony. We'd hold her."

"You're ridiculous!" Erika laughed.  "Will you run to the store & bring home the cake?"

Erika tossed Lindsay up in the air and heard her squeal with laughter.  She didn't think there was anything more precious than her daughter laughing!

 Hazel glanced around the house after the birthday party and was glad to see it full of happy people.  She smiled knowing that Brett and Erika would probably raise a happy, healthy baby - even after she & Sean were gone from this Earth.

Sean came home and the first thing he wanted to do was give Hazel a big hug.  She made him feel so complete.  He thought back over their years together and was amazed that they lasted.  When he was younger he had thought the conquest was all that mattered and flitted from girl to girl... but with Hazel... things were just right.

He was happy with their romantic dates, their personal time, but also with the kids.  He was glad Brett seemed to learn that early on, as well.  He'd been worried that Brett might follow in his footsteps and try to form meaningless attachments, but it seemed Brett had a good shoulder on his heads.  He'd chosen love.  And you couldn't get better than that...

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  1. That is true. You can't get any better than love. :) This was a nice entry.


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