November 18, 2011

Carters (3) - Round 12

After school, Brett called up Whitney to come over.  When she arrived, he pulled out a red rose and took a deep breath.  Time to do damage control.  "Have you talked to Audrey lately?"

Whitney was puzzled, "Umm... no. Why?"

Brett hedged on whether it would be best to come clean or just let it go.  If Audrey didn't tell her...

"Oh nothing! Just curious! I know she moved out, so I just thought maybe... you know... whatever..."

Whitney giggled and then hugged Brett tight.  "That's so sweet of you to think of me!"


Emily rolled her eyes across the room.  Brett was such a dope!  But, at least he was having fun! Emily loved throwing parties and meeting new boys!

"I'm glad everyone is here," Brett announced after they finished breakfast. "I'm going to be moving to campus after work tonight.  I got a scholarship!"

Sean and Hazel glanced at each other and then back at him.  Hazel looked alarmed and whispered across the table to Sean, "Have you talked to him about the birds and the bees yet?"

Emily rolled her eyes.  "Guys, we're teenagers. We know about sex!"

Sean opened his mouth.  "I can't believe you just said that!"

Brett laughed.  "Emily, you're not supposed to let them know.  It makes them nervous!"

Hazel straightened the napkin on her lap.  "And how much do you know?" she asked, avoiding Emily's eyes.

Emily rolled her eyes again.  "It's not like I've done anything. But, we have internet and cable.  We know about sex."

Hazel threw her napkin down on the table and fixed Emily with a You're-In-Trouble-Stare.  "I have to go to work. We will talk about this later, young lady." Then hugged Brett tight, "I'll see you before you move, sweetie." Then under her breath added, "Always use a condom!"  Glancing at Sean, she motioned for him to talk to Brett before hurrying away.

Sean cleared his throat.  "So, Brett, let's go for a ride..."

Brett groaned.

Brett hugged his folks goodbye one last time and promised to be safe, study hard and leave the girls alone.  Right now he would've agreed to anything!  He just wanted to get out of there before one of his parents tried to talk to him about sex again!

"They're all yours!" he called out to Emily as he saluted her.


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  1. haha and all this sex talk coming from Hazel and Sean.


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