November 15, 2011

Carters (3) - Round 11

"I love you so much, Sean. What would I do without you?" Hazel asked as she tenderly stroked Sean's cheek.

Sean smiled back and winked, "You'd be lost without me, without a doubt!"  Then, smacking her bottom, he told her to go get changed for the party.

It wasn't every day that someone turned 50! he thought with a smile.  And he was going to make sure she had the best night of her life.
Hazel couldn't believe what an amazing night they'd had together.  Sean had invited over a few close friends and they'd shared wine and stories throughout the night.   After finishing the dishes, Hazel leaned forward and gave him a kiss.  "Thanks for tonight.  It was wonderful."

Sean smiled.  "And tomorrow we'll do it again for little Ellen's birthday!"


Ellen couldn't wait to be a teenager! There were so many fun things that she'd be able to do!

She'd watched Brett and couldn't wait to be able to do the things he did - like stay up late, go on outings, flirt in the hot tub... and date!

And did he ever date around!  Ellen had seen the steady stream of girls that Brett tried to hide from Mom & Dad...
He thought he was clever and was able to hide all his side-girls, but you couldn't hide anything in a house of glass, she thought.  The person she felt sorry for the most was Whitney.


 It had been a genuine, honest-to-goodness accident. Brett had finished up talking on the phone and smelled Whitney's shampoo.  Spinning around, he grabbed her into his arms and kissed her...

Only it hadn't been Whitney waiting to talk to him...

It had been Audrey...

And one thing led to another...

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  1. Ellen is beautiful! This is still one of my favourite houses :)!

  2. I remember Sean and Hazel too. Seems like everybody is mellowing out as they get older. Hazel was quite the party animal and Sean was the womanizer...hehe....

  3. I've been so happy that Sean doesn't roll wants to cheat on Hazel! I knew they'd have to get divorced!


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