November 21, 2011

Carters (2) - Round 13

It had started off as an ordinary day.  Jansen puttered around the house and invited his old friend Alvin Potter over to chat.  The next thing he knew, there was a black-robed apparition standing in front of him telling him it was time to go.

It hit Carlye hard to have lost Jansen so early.  He'd only been 75, they should've had plenty of more time together. Fearing that her time would be soon approaching, she began what she thought of her last painting...

But, life reminded her that there was still plenty to live for...

 Twins Leah and James.

So she finished her painting and gave it to Jody to hang in her new home.

"Mom, it's beautiful!" Jody cried.

But, Jody still felt as full of life as ever.  She was even around to see Ross' birthday...

 ...and James and Leah's birthday...

Despite all this, every day she thought about Jansen and how much she missed him.

But sometimes, she caught of glimpse of him in Perry and Ross... and that always made her smile.

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  1. What? Jansen is gone? He was one of my favorite Sims in Paradise Bay.


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