November 18, 2011

Carters (2) - Round 12

Jansen and Carlye clapped as their little boy exchanged rings with the girl of his dreams.  It was obvious how in love Perry & Melanie were.

Carlye wiped a tear from her eye and leaned over to tell Jansen, "They remind me of us thirty years ago!"

Jansen smiled and hugged her close to his side.  "Then Perry's a lucky, lucky man."

Carlye grinned back at him and wiped at another stray tear.

Perry invited all of his college friends to the party.  He was so glad. It was like the gang was all back together again!  He congratulated Shannon on his marriage to Brittany.  "Where is she anyways?" he asked.

Shannon waved his hand. "Oh you know, she's 8 months along and wanted to stay at home.  She wanted me to tell you congrats, though!"

Perry smiled.  "Already expecting a little one. You stud, you!"

Shannon elbowed Perry. "Better watch it! You could be next!"

Perry gazed at Melanie as she ate a piece of cake.  "I certainly hope so! I can see us having a little boy and a little girl."  His gaze strayed to Brittany and Mason.  He nudged Shannon back, "Do you think those two are ever going to realize they're half in love & stop bickering all the time?"

Shannon sighed.  "Probably never! They're both stubborn as hell!"

Brittany looked the other way, making sure not to look at Mason.  She didn't want to talk to him because she knew he was going to say something to annoy her and then she'd ruin Perry's wedding. 

"I had a wonderful time tonight, Mrs. Carter," Perry told Melanie as they danced outside after all the guests had left.  "You make me the happiest man in the world!"

"No, you make me the happiest woman in the world, Mr. Carter!" Melanie said as she snuggled against his chest.

"So I was talking to Shannon earlier and I think we settled on two kids... a boy and a girl.."

Melanie laughed.  "Oh, you settled on it with Shannon, did you. Glad you asked my opinion!"

Perry squeezed, "So what are your thoughts on the subject?"

Melanie laughed again.  "I want something different..." she paused, "A girl and a boy! And I'd like to get started right away," she giggled as she tugged him to their room.

Jody sighed. She'd just gotten a promotion and was told that it would look good on her college application.  She was so excited, but also sad.  She had just started seeing this great guy, Adam.

Jody loved it when Adam hugged her tight.  "I'm going to miss you," she said sadly.

Adam just squeezed her tighter.  "You never know what will happen. Maybe I'll get into Sim State Uni, too!"

Jody smiled. "Oh that would be wonderful! We could study together and take all the same classes!"

Perry straightened the sheets on the bed.  "How are you feeling baby?" he asked.

Melanie smiled and rubbed her belly.  "I'm good. Just a twinge here and there," she said.

Perry came over and leaned over to talk to her belly, "Hello in there baby! We have the nursery all set up for you! Ready whenever you are!"

Melanie giggled and wrapped her arms around Perry's neck.  "I love you!"

"I. Hate. You! I'm never doing this again!" Melanie yelled as the family cheered her on.  "And why is everyone in here! Out! Out!" 

 Perry cried when his son, Ross, was born.  "He's beautiful," he told Melanie.  "Absolutely beautiful."

Melanie smiled and held his hand.  "He's perfect, isn't he?"

Pretty soon they were celebrating Ross's birthday.  "Can you believe how fast he grew?" he exclaimed to his Mom over cake.

Caryle smiled sadly at her growing son and daughter. "It seems like just yesterday, YOU were a little baby. And now I'm a Grandma and my baby is going off to college!"

Jody reached across the table and squeezed Carlye's hand.  "Stop or you'll make me cry! I'm not going to be gone that long!"

"I know! I know! We'll miss you though!" Carlye told her.
Jody jumped up when she heard the taxi honk.  "Well! That's my ride guys! I love you all."  Squatting down she kissed the top of Ross's head.  "You be a good boy," she told him.

The family trailed behind Jody as she loaded her things in the car and watched as everyone waved.  "Bye!" she called out as she waved back.

Carlye couldn't believe her babies were growing so fast.  She knew her time was almost up. But there was still one thing she wanted to do before she passed away. A gift to her son and daughter-in-law.

Perry and Melanie gazed at the painting Carlye had mounted on the wall.

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