November 22, 2011

Carpenters - Round 13

Audrey was ecstatic!  Fifi had two little puppies.  "I'm going to call you Muffin," she told the little girl dog.  "And, you're Pickles," she told the little boy dog.  She filled the dog food bowl.  "Eat up babies!"  She cooed.  Hmmm... I should probably buy another dog food bowl so the food lasts longer, she thought.

It was hard sometimes since they didn't have a lot of money, so the first few years were tough.  But, their love for each more than made up for the lack of material goods. 

 Edward raced out to the front yard where he'd seen Audrey collapse.  Frantically he checked for a pulse...

"YES!" he cried, when he felt her heart beating steadily.  "I thought I'd lost you!"  He gathered her in his arms and held her tight. 

"I don't know what happened," she said wearily.  "I just got a little dizzy there for a moment.  I think I need to eat something..."

Edward made her some hot cocoa and sent her to bed.  Edward grabbed Marshall and walked to the kitchen to feed him a bottle and rock him back to sleep.  He didn't want Audrey to be woken up by the baby's cries.  She was pregnant again, after all.

"Oh that feels so good, Edward," Audrey said.  "That helps so much!"

Edward held his son and tossed him in the air.  He was a smart cookie!  Edward couldn't wait to teach him things like walking & talking!

Audrey looked around the house frantically for Marshall, calling for him.  There were so many things a small toddler could get into. 

"Marshall?" she cried.  "Come to Mommy!"  Edward was going to kill her! She'd just laid down to take a short nap and when she woke up, he was gone. 

Panicked, Audrey decided to call the police and report him missing when she heard the dogs barking.  Running out to the front, she saw Marshall passed out in the doghouse. 

"Oh God," she let out a relieved sigh.  "I am not telling Daddy about this... and neither are you!" she said as she scooped him up.

"Doggy!" Marshall said.

Audrey rubbed a hand over her head and felt a little dizzy.  "Have to feed the doggies.. then bed.. " she mumbled. 

Staggering outside, she filled up the dog bowl with food & then felt a cramp in her side as she collapsed.

Edward heard the dogs barking and ran outside to find Audrey collapsed on the ground again.  Checking her pulse, he was relieved to feel it beating steadily.

Picking her up, he carried her inside and rested her on the couch.

"Something's wrong," Audrey cried. 

"I'm going into labor too early."

But, Audrey delivered a healthy little girl.  "I'm going to call you Angela, because we've been blessed by Angels!"
Audrey was so glad not to be pregnant anymore. She felt like her old self again.  She was able to play games with Marshall without feeling so worn out & tired.

Edward snuggled Angela in his arms and blew raspberries on her belly.  She was going to be a beauty, just like her Mother.

"Hey Dad! Can I play with Angela? I wanted to teach her some new nursery rhymes!" Marshall asked.

 "Oh God," Audrey muttered.

Here we go again...


  1. Rough pregnancies? Poor Audrey :/. But Angela looks beautiful!

  2. Edward needs to keep that thang put away...hahaha


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