October 3, 2011

Steeles - Round 11

"Are you sure you're okay?" Natalie asked Lisa.

Lisa just laid on the couch and put the pillow over her head. "I feel awful," she moaned.

"Do you think you're pregnant?"

"Oh God, I hope not! I'm too old to have another baby!" Lisa worried.

Just then, Lisa sat upright and began coughing.

Natalie leaned forward to feel her head.  "You're burning up, Lisa! Go to bed before you get everyone else sick!"

"But I have to go to work..."

"To bed!" Natalie said as she pointed.

After tucking Lisa in, Natalie called up Waylan.  "Hey, baby," she said, "Are you coming over today?"

"I'll be there soon. I just have to tie up a few loose ends. You sure there's enough room for me to move in?"

"Of course!" Natalie said. "Actually, my brother Mason moves out tonight to go to college, so we can take over his old room."

Natalie held Waylan's hand as they whispered sweet nothings.  Skylar watched from across the room while rocking Brooke.  "Were we ever that annoying when we first got together?" he asked Lisa.

Lisa rolled her eyes. "God, I hope not!"  Then, her breath caught as she saw Waylan drop to one knee. "Oh my God, Skylar! Can you believe it?" she gasped, clutching his shoulder with tears in her eyes.  "He's proposing!"

Across the room, Natalie shouted, "Yes!" as she threw herself into his arms.  Skylar swung her around the room as they laughed. 

They invited all their college friends.  Natalie couldn't wait to introduce her friends Tristen and Alan to all her friends back home.

And the ceremony was beautiful.  It was everything that Natalie had dreamed it would be! She looked over to Lisa, practically her mother, and saw tears in her eyes.  After the ceremony, she went to Lisa and Skylar and hugged them tight.  "Thank you guys," she cried.  "I love you both so much!"

 "Shh..." Dana said in the playroom.  We're supposed to be quiet in here.  She couldn't she got stuck with babysitting duty.  Natalie promised to take her to the park later as a reward, but it stunk being treated like a little kid. She was practically a teenager... well.. in a few years anyway...  "Fine! We'll sing it again," she groused when Sharon whined "Little Lamb!"  She couldn't believe this kid didn't know her nursery rhymes yet!

 After everyone was gone, Dana and Sharon were allowed out of the room.  "Cake!" Sharon yelled as she ran to the kitchen.  "Is there cake left?"

Dana rolled her eyes as all the adults remaining laughed quietly.  Sharon was so immature!

 "I wanted to talk to you," Lisa said after serving pancakes the next morning. "Skylar and I have discussed it.  You're a newlywed and you really need more space.  You don't need to help raise your nieces.  We're going to be moving at the end of the week."

Natalie was floored.  "I never expected you to move Lisa! This is your house!"

Lisa patted Natalie's hand.  "It's okay. It's all of our houses. And I have Skylar and the girls.. we need more space, anyways.  This is perfect for you now."

Natalie was torn. She was a little happy that she and Waylan would have more alone time - but she would miss her family!

"Why hello, Miss... Tan," Waylan said as he pretended to check his clipboard for her name.  "You needed to see a doctor?"

Natalie tried extremely hard not to giggle, but really - Waylan brought his clipboard home and even put on his stethoscope.  "Yes, Doctor..." she cooed seductively. "I was hoping you could help me..."

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  1. These are the children adopted by their sister, aren't they? Anyway, I like Lisa very much *-*! And she is going to leave the house for Natalie too ç_ç.


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