October 3, 2011

Reeds - Round 11

Claire tried really hard not to be jealous of Lisa.  She wished she understood that relationship.  Walter didn't treat Lisa like an ex-girlfriend... but, more like a sister. 

A sister that came over all the time...

Claire rocked her newborn, Ralph, against her chest and tried to remind herself that she was the one that Walter came home to at night.

And when she talk Charles to talk and walk, she reminded herself that she was the one raising a family with him.  Not Lisa.

Claire shook the headmaster's hand and invited him to tour the house.  "You'll find that my husband is very concerned with the children's education.  You'll find Wilbur is a very hard worker and is quite serious.  He'll be a wonderful addition to the school.  And Charles... well... he is such a bright, young man.  Although, I'm sure every Mother says that about her child!"

The headmaster smiled and followed Claire inside.

"Is this the young man you were speaking of?" he announced when he walked in.

Claire beamed at her first born.  "Yes, this is Charles."  Then, motioning to Charles, she said, "Charles, meet the headmaster. He came to see if you and Wilbur might attend Crumplebottom's Academy."

Charles smiled politely and shook hands like his Mother had taught him, then asked to be excused to go play.

Claire waved him away and continued her tour.

Later that night, Charles finished brushing his teeth and put his toothbrush away.  Wilbur knocked on the door.  "All done in there, bud?" he called.

"Done!" Charles yelled.

"Then it's tickle time!" Wilbur yelled as he rushed in and started tickling his little brother.

Charles giggled.  "Hey! Guess what!" he announced after they'd stopped. "Mom got us into private school! Isn't that great?!"

Wilbur tried to act cool. "No big deal," he said, but inside he was excited.  He couldn't wait to transfer schools! It'd be so much easier to get into college!

"Happy birthday to you!" Claire sang to Ralph on his birthday.  It was just her and Ralph this evening.  Walter and Wilbur were working and Charles had gone to bed, exhausted from playing all afternoon with a friend.

"Honey?" Walter called as he walked in. "It's time to celebrate! I hit the top of the career!  Things are going to change around here!"

And did they ever change! Wilbur loved the new addition to the house. He thought it was so interesting how the architect came in and changed their boring one story into an open two-story.  And boy, were the kids lucky with that playroom!

He got his own work space, too, though.  Claire thought it was important for them to have their own space to do homework and unwind.

Not that Wilbur spent all his time working... he liked to have a little fun, too. 

"Turn that music down," Walter called down the stairs.  "That's the worst music I've ever heard. Why can't you listen to normal music?" he groused.  All the teens rolled their eyes as Wilbur went to turn the stereo down.

"Sorry Dad," he mumbled.

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  1. I missed your families :). I am not sure I remember all the family ties here... Anyway Ralph is very cute and I like the new house :)!


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