October 3, 2011

McMillans - Round 11

Chester invited a few colleagues over to chit chat about medical trivia.  The new doctor, Waylan, seemed to really know his stuff. 

Chester was roused from sleep by some muted noise.  Pulling the blanket over his head, he mumbled, "Keep it down!"

"I'll show you keep it DOOOOOOOWWWWNNNNN!" Jacqueline wailed.

Chester yanked the blanket off his head and jack-knifed into a sitting position.  "Oh my God! Are you having the baby?" he yelled.

"You think, DOCTOR!" she panted.

Chester danced around the room.  "Okay. Overnight bag. Where's the overnight bag?"

Jacqueline moaned, "No time!"

Finally, his medical training kicked in and Chester proceeded to calmly help deliver his new baby boy.  "Look, he has red hair, just like my dad!" he said with a tear in his eye.  "He looks like a Lawrence, right?"

Jacquline smiled, "I think Lawrence is perfect!"

Brittany sighed as she looked at the phone.  She knew it was time to go to college. Part of her didn't want to go. She just wanted to dance! But, it was really important to Chester and Austin that she go to college.  She could always drop out if she hated it, right?

Chester hugged Brittany goodbye as she got ready to head for campus.  "You'll never regret this, sis," he told her.  "Dance will be waiting for you when you get out!"

Time flew by quickly and before he knew it, Lawrence was being potty-trained and learning to talk.  He bounced Lawrence in his arms and wished Jacqueline were home.  She'd been really busy since she accepted a secret promotion at work.  He didn't even know what she was doing.  She would just disappear to go to work and then pop up out of the blue.
He had to admit he liked the leather though... 

"Will you wear that to bed tonight, sweetie?" he asked.

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  1. Love Lawrence! I love the name and the baby is cute! I hope he will be handsome when he grow up :). Good luck to Brittany ;)!


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