September 14, 2011

Steels - Round 8

Look at Lisa's wants & fears at 8:00 a.m.  It looks like she's missing Walter quite a bit.  Poor Lisa! I'm sorry I broke you too up! I thought you'd want to focus on your siblings!

Now look at her wants at 8:01 am.  She re-rolled immediately once I hit the play button.  Now she's being practical.  Get a job and move on... awww.....

 Lisa was so glad that she was able to get her brother and sister back.

"It wasn't so bad, Lisa! The lady was nice!" Natalie insisted.

Lisa bit back tears and hugged Natalie tight.  "Well, it's time for you to scoot to school, young lady.  And it's time for me to go to work!"

Natalie smiled.  "Maybe I'll see you there!" she said excitedly.

"Remember, I said that just because I'm working at your school doesn't mean we'll see each other a lot. You still have to mind your teacher, okay?"

Lisa and Natalie hopped in the car and headed to school.  Change was hard, Lisa thought. Best to stay busy and not think about what could've been!

 And the kids definitely kept her busy! Lisa tried to spend a little time each day with each of them by themselves.  She would play house with Mason or try to teach him how to walk.

 And sometimes before the Nanny left for the day, Lisa would sneak across the street to the community park to play with Natalie.

 Natalie loved playing in the sand box with the toys as Lisa looked on.

But in between work, studying and the kids, Lisa didn't get much time for herself.  Which was all fine and good because then she didn't have time to think about... Walter...

Lisa stretch after putting the kids to bed and was torn between cleaning, going for a jog or just going straight to bed.  She'd just decided to tidy up when someone knocked at the door.

"Brandi!" Lisa exclaimed as she opened the door.  "It's so good to see you! You look beautiful!"

"I just wanted to stop in and see how you were doing!  I heard you got your brother and sister back! I'm so happy for you.  I know that was really killing you at college."

Lisa smiled.  They'd had so much fun at school together... Lisa, Brandi and... Walter...

Seeing Lisa's smile drop, Brandi hurried on, "And I just wanted to see if you'd heard about Walter. You know, that he got married..."

Lisa nodded.  "Yes, I heard.  He invited me."

Brandi's mouth dropped open.  "He invited you! Ugh! How thoughtless!"

"Well, I was the one that ended it, so I should've been okay with it, right?"

Brandi looked at Lisa knowingly.  "And are you okay with it?"

"Doesn't matter, does it?" Lisa responded.  "He's married and happy now..."

Brandi looked at her nail and shrugged, "I've never liked her. I don't think she's good for him."

"Brandi! That's a horrible thing to say!"

Brandi shrugged. "I'm just saying what I feel, that's all."

Lisa felt awkward.  "Well, let's talk about something else... Tell me all about your new place..."


Talking about Walter seemed to open the floodgates for Lisa.  She kept thinking about him all the time, wanting to invite him over, wanting to call him up at midnight when she couldn't sleep.  It was driving her nuts!  Finally, giving in to impulse, she called him up, convincing herself she was doing it because she'd heard Regina was pregnant, not because she wanted to hear the sound of his voice...

It made matters worse that Mason and Natalie were growing up and didn't need Lisa as much as they used to.  They played together or with their neighborhood friends for hours as Lisa sat in the livingroom and worried about her future.

Because the years were flying right by and she'd never had the baby she'd dreamed about.  She'd never gotten married, because really... no one affected her the way Walter had.  But, he was married now.

 She'd been pleased that he came to Natalie's birthday party.  Regina had come to, but she'd been grumpy and rude the entire time.  She'd been so unpleasant and finally announced to the room that she was going home.  But, Walter had actually said he wanted to stay for cake.   Regina had glared and then stormed from the house.

"I hope you don't get in trouble," Lisa said gently after Regina was gone.

Walter shrugged.  "It's not everyday a little girl as special as Natalie becomes a teenager," he said loudly. Then, softly he said, "She's just been like this during the pregnancy. It'll be better after the baby's born."

 Lisa nodded, unable to say anything else.

Walter began to cheer and sing happy birthday.  "Blow out the candles," he yelled as Natalie leaned over.

Lisa gave Natalie a big hug and said, "Happy birthday!"

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  1. what a wonderful big sister. :) Giving up her life so her siblings can have.

  2. Natalie is a very pretty little girl. Poor Lisa has really had to put her life on hold. I kind of hope Walter figures out how bad Regina is and goes back to Lisa. Maybe Lisa can steal him back.


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