September 18, 2011

Steeles - Round 9

Lisa came home from Walter's house and went straight to bed and cried.  She'd been dreaming of a life with Walter.  Wrinkling her nose, she thought sadly that it was too bad they couldn't make it work over the years.  She guess she deserved it.  She threw it all away by breaking up with him when she moved back to take care of her siblings. Not that she regretted that.  Not for one second.

She would find true love, she was young yet.  She just wondered where all the available guys were, she thought as she dug into her ice cream.

But, surprisingly, her dream guy was only a door away.  She met Skylar Rodriguez in the breakroom one afternoon as she was pouring over her lesson plans.  He'd walked in, looked at her, and then tripped over a chair.  She'd run over to help him up and they'd both wound up falling over on top of each other.  After finally righting themselves, Skylar asked her out for coffee so they could be formally introduced.  Lisa had initially declined because she had to be home for Mason, but then invited him over.

"It can be a little hectic sometimes," she apologized.

Skylar smiled. "I know how kids are!" he assured her.

When they walked in the door, Lisa cringed.  Mason was screaming and running around the house playing cops and robbers with a friend he brought home.

 And Natalie had a group of boys over again.

Lisa glanced at Skylar, hoping that he wasn't put off by the music blaring or the yelling kids.

But, he actually just walked over to the piano and began showing off a tune he knew.

Lisa sighed.  Maybe this would be okay, after all!

"Thanks for having me over," Skylar told Lisa as he prepared to leave.  "I had a really nice time. You have a wonderful family."

Lisa laughed. "Oh Lord, I thought you were going to run screaming from the room when you first walked in.  I know I almost did..."

Skylar stepped closer to her and began to flirt.  "I would never run screaming from any room you were in..."
 Then, he bent her backwards and kissed her goodnight.

"Wow!" Lisa thought as she watched him walk away.

Skylar came over all the time after that.  She was taken aback when shortly after they began dating, he dropped to one knee to propose.  At first, she told him she had to think about it.  It was so sudden.  And she had to think about her siblings, right?

Except, Lisa thought sadly, Natalie and Mason were growing up. Soon they would go off to college and Lisa would be alone.  But... if she married Skylar...

Excited, she invited him over the next day to tell him that she'd thought about it and changed her mind. 

"I was worried you'd say no," Skylar admitted.

Lisa threw herself into his arms.  "I couldn't have said no! I love you too much!"

"I take thee, Lisa, to have and to hold..."


 "Mason... Mason... Wake up! Are you okay?" Lisa asked after dousing Mason with water.  "I was so scared! You were passed out on the ground for a long time!"

Mason wobbled as he stood.  "I don't feel good... She just kept spinning me and spinning me," Mason cried.  "And that's the last thing I remember..."

Lisa hugged Mason tight.  "Let's get you in and cleaned up.  Who did this to you?" she asked, looking around.

Mason's hand crept to his forehead.  "I... I... I don't remember..."


Man, this skirt makes me look hot, Natalie thought.   (For a popularity Sim, she is just a teeny bit vain!)

Skylar woke up when he heard the wind banging a door open and closed.  Running out in his bathrobe, he noticed several items missing... they'd been robbed!
"Eh, I didn't care too much about that chess board..." Skylar said.  "But the piano! Oh man! I can't believe it's gone!"

Lisa was much more concerned with practical things... like... "My CAAAARRRR!!!" she screamed when she went outside.

 "At least they didn't get the mirror," Natalie said the next morning as she primped in the entryway.

"Give me five, buddy!" Skylar said as he put his hands out.

"No!" Mason snapped as he pulled his hand away.

Skylar frowned.  "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bug you," he said.

"Whatever. Tell Lisa I went to the mall."

Skylar sighed.  He was trying really hard to get to know the kids, but they always seemed annoyed with him.  Especially when he changed professions and became an entertainer.

Natalie had sneered that being a clown wasn't technically an entertainer and Mason had said clowns were creepy.  Lisa said they just needed time to adjust, but that soon they would love him as much as she did.

But, Skylar was determined to figure out a way to connect with his in-laws.  He poured through Chicken Soup for Teens, trying to find a way to relate to them.

 "Umm... Natalie.. do you mind? I was practicing my routine for tomorrow's show," Skylar said, trying to keep the annoyance out of his voice.

"Whatever, Skylar. Find another mirror..."

"Natalie, I'd really like you try a little harder to be nice to Skylar.  I don't know why you're so mean to him."

Natalie shrugged.  "I don't know. He's just such a dork. I don't know what you see in him!"

Lisa's mouth dropped open.  "Natalie Mae Steele! I cannot believe you! That's an awful thing to say about anyone!"

Natalie mulishly pouted. "But he's bald, Lisa!"

Lisa had heard enough.  "Go to your room and stay there! You're grounded! He is a kind, caring, loving man who has been doing everything in his power to be your friend. I am so disappointed in you."

Natalie made a face and then ran to her room, slamming the door.

Lisa sat back in her chair and worried about Natalie's future if that's how her sister saw the world.  She felt like a failure.  Rubbing her belly, she hoped she would be able to do better for this little one.

Skylar was absolutely in love with his beautiful daughter, Dana.  "Look at those pretty eyes," he cooed as he played with her. 

"Lisa doesn't know what she's talking about," Natalie said as she primped in the mirror.  "I'm never getting married!"


  1. What the heck happened to his hair O.O? Anyway, I like Skylar very much *-*! And I am happy Lisa found him... Now her brothers are considered her children in the game?

  2. I meant to write that into the story. :) Lisa convinced him the comb-over was bad, so he went bald with grace! Lol!

  3. I would think that Lisa's brothers are now considered Lisa's children by the game.

  4. Wow....I'm happy Lisa found Skylar, but I hope the kids come around. So Natalie doesn't want to get married huh? Probably why she didn't want to go steady either.


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