September 10, 2011

Steeles - Round 7

Alice came home from work, excited about her promotion, but aching from the intense physical demands from her work.  Maybe it was time to start thinking about retiring, she thought sadly.  She'd always wanted to reach the top of the entertainment industry, but she knew how fickle the roles would be once her age started showing. 

Walking inside, she saw Lisa playing chess with a boy from town.  She couldn't remember his name, but Lisa had assured her they were just friends.

"I'll see you in the morning," Alice said as she walked to the bedroom to lie down.  She just wasn't feeling very well right now. She was sore and achy.  Maybe it was the flu instead of old age...

Alice slept all night long and much into the next day.  At one point, she'd been so tired after changing Mason's diaper, she had just stumbled into the girl's room to take a nap.  Waking up, Alice had started coughing so hard it hurt.  Panicking, she worried that maybe she should've called a doctor.  She jumped out of bed and attempted to get to a phone, but it was too late.

Natalie heard her mother making a horrible sound and ran in to see what was wrong.  She cried when she'd found her mother slumped on the floor.  (And felt terribly impotent that she wasn't able to beg for her mother's life.  Seriously, why can't a child beg for her mother's life? That's bull crap!)  Sobbing in the room, Natalie didn't know what to do.  Her Dad should be home soon. He would take care of it.

But it was too late for that, too.

Max came home just as the ambulance was pulling away and noticed the blue social service van across the street.  Hurrying across the way, he tried to explain.  "It's not what it looks like! My wife.. she just died," Max said with a cracking voice.  "Please don't take my kids from me... I just lost my wife..."

Natalie was sobbing as she got in the van.

"Sir. Please step away from the van. You'll only make it harder on the children," the social worker said calmly.

Max retreated to his lawn and watched as the woman took his children away.  "Goodbye Max. Daddy loves you! I'll see you real soon, though. This is just a misunderstanding!"

 Max stumbled inside and wept on the couch until he fell asleep.

The next few days were a blur to Max. He felt like he just ate, slept and went to work. He couldn't stand to think that he'd lost almost his entire family in the blink of an eye.  How cruel fate was.  And Lisa! He felt guilty because he hadn't spoken to her yet and didn't know how she was holding up.

Deciding it was time to fight for his children, he called up his oldest friend, Kirsten.  She'd always been a go-getter when she was in the legal field and he knew he could depend on her.

"Of course, I'll be right over Max.  This is terrible! I will do everything I can," she had assured him before hanging up.

Max was so anxious, he waited on the front sidewalk for her to come over.  Gingerly she leaned over and greeted him hello with a kiss.  Only, he had turned the wrong way and the kiss that had been meant for his cheek wound up on his lips. 

Startled, they both looked at each other and stared.  Confused, he wondered if it was possible to fall in love so quickly after the loss of his wife.

But even though it felt wrong, it also felt so right. Hesitantly, he leaned forward to give Kirsten another kiss.  They'd always had a 3 bolt attraction for each other, but she'd been married to Wallace when they first met and then he'd been happily married to Alice.

Life was short, maybe this was worth exploring, Max thought.  She could move in and they could get married and live out the rest of their golden years in love. Heck, he'd even buy rocking chairs and build a porch if that's what she wanted!

Alas, life was short.  At 6 pm, right after Lisa came home from work, Max suddenly and unexpectedly died from old age.  Dr. Potter told her that the stress from losing Alice and his kids had just been too much for his frail heart.  As she cried, she saw Dr. Potter frowning and he hesitantly put his arm around her shoulder.

"I know how it feels to lose everyone you love in such a quick time period," he told her.  "But it will be okay.  Invite some friends over, cry on their shoulder and then go off to college.  Time will heal your pain. I promise."

 So Lisa did just that. She called over a few friends and cried all over their shoulders.

Just when she was starting to feel better and that things might start getting better, the repo man came.  Fighting back tears, she ran to the phone and called the taxi.  Dr. Potter said getting away to college would be good.  So, she was going to college! Doctor's orders...



  1. Ack! This Round made me want to quit without saving! It just went from bad to worse. Alice died on Thursday right when Natalie got home from school. I was trying so hard to let her bed Grimmie, that I forgot to call a social worker. At 3:55 the stupid social worker showed up and started taking Max's kids away. DOH!

    Of course, I wanted Max's best friend to come comfort him, but she works nights. So, I finally caught her at the right time on Saturday morning and she came over. They autonomously kissed and fell in love. Okay, I can roll with that. Best friends forever and all that.

    I'm just about to have Max propose that Kirsten move in and what happens? He keels over and dies right in front of Kirsten and Lisa. Really?!

    Worst. Round. Ever. *sighs*

  2. Awww... I would've quit without saving. It's too bad that we'll never get to see what the kids taken away will fulfill in life. :(

    But I heard that if kids get taken away by the social worker, that if you call the adoption service and select the kid's age that got taken away, that that kid will come back.


    Soo... maybe Lisa could "adopt" them back into the game.... I'm not sure if it works though I'll have to try it!

  3. Oh, those kids are going to stay a part of the story if I have to boolprop them in. :)

    I was toying with having Lisa adopt them or having a nice sim offer them a nice, stable home.

  4. Lisa should bring them back. Yeah, sometimes things just happen bang, bang, bang in this game. heh

  5. And this was the happiest family one round ago O.O! I agree with ASimWen: Lisa should bring them back. Or another family too - Lisa could meet them again later.

  6. OMG I can't believe so much went wrong in one round! And to think this was the least dysfunctional family XD I really hope Lisa can get the kids back!

  7. I'm still annoyed about this! Lol! Oh well, It'll make for an interesting story, right? :)

  8. Oh my gosh, that was a HORRIBLE round. I was shocked when Alice died. Lisa must have been at a teen job, since it looks like school was out. How horrible, and then the kids get taken, and then Max dies.....ouch! I hope Lisa or someone got the kids back!


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