September 9, 2011

Steeles - Round 6

Max woke up in the morning and sprung out of bed.  Ouch! His body creaked and ached as he stood up.  He'd have to start getting out of bed slower, he thought as he hunched over and tried to stretch his back. 

He wasn't surprised when he was named a business tycoon.  He knew that he wouldn't be in the business for much longer, so he picked an intern at the company to start training to take over when he stepped down.  There was a new girl, Sonja, who seemed to be willing and eager to advance.  He'd watched her interact with her peers and she had a lot of grit.

Calling her into his office, he told her that she would be his shadow for the next little while as he groomed her to take over the helm.

"I won't disappoint you, Sir," she'd said immediately afterwards.

"Good.   I expect you at my home after work to go over the project briefings.  You can get my address from my secretary.  Good day," Max dismissed Sonja and then browsed through his emails.

At home, work was far from Alice's mind.  She knew she should be worrying about beating out her competition for that promotion, but for now she was enjoying her time with Natalie. She knew that before long Natalie would be a little girl.

But for now, Natalie was a toddler that seemed to enjoy getting into mischief.  "No, no, Natalie. That's yucky. Yucky," Alice emphasized.   "Oh no, you flushed the toilet paper in the toilet again."  Alice moaned when the water started cresting over the edge. That meant another trip out for the plumber.  That made the 3rd time this week! Yuck!

The only thing Natalie liked more than flushing the toilet seemed to be Sakey.  Alice generally found Natalie close to Sakey, playing with her. 

Tears were shed by the whole family after Sakey passed away one morning as the family got ready for work.

"Mom," Natalie asked when she came home.  "Why did Sakey have to die?"

Alice sighed and finished doing the dishes.  "I don't know, baby.  It was just her time to go, I'm afraid."

Natalie cried softly into her hands.  "I'm going to miss her."

 "Maybe we can get a new puppy," Lisa suggested, hopeful.

Alice sighed again.  "Guys, I don't think your Dad is ready for another puppy.  He loved Sakey very much and it's been very hard on him these past few days," Alice explained.  "Besides, I just don't think I have the energy to run around after a puppy.  Your little brother is due soon, you know!"

 Mason Steele was born in the middle of the night.  Alice held him tight and snuggled him to her.  "Sweet little baby, your Daddy is going to be so happy to see you," she cooed.

 Alice was so proud of her little family. Her girls were so good with each other.  The other day when she'd been practicing a piece for her show & Max was putting the last touches on his book "No Regrets Accepted", her heart had been warmed to see Lisa reading a book to Natalie.

 And Lisa absolutely doted on little Mason.  Mason was growing bigger each day.  He was starting to talk and had learned to walk extremely fast.  "Time for baby-get-intos," said Lisa knowingly one night when she'd scooped up Mason.

"Me run!" Mason laughed.

"No, you go to bed," Lisa said as she wiggled her finger on Mason's belly, tickling him.   Mason laughed like crazy.

In the other room, Max swung Alice around to dance.

"I love the sound of the children's laughter," he said happily.  "It's music to my ears!"

Alice leaned her cheek against Max's hand.  "I love you so much Max."



  1. Sakey ç__ç! But apart from her death, the family is still happy and serene :). It's good to read about them after being in some of the other houses :).

  2. Poor Sakey....the family is doing so well. Max still makes me wonder sometimes, but things seem to be going really well.


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