September 7, 2011

Steeles - Round 5

Alice smiled tenderly at her daughter as she played with Sakey.  She was the best daughter in the world, Alice thought proudly.  She already knew how to walk, talk and all her nursery rhymes.

Alice rubbed her belly thoughtfully.  Pretty soon they would have another child to raise and love.  Max threw nightly get togethers lately for the "movers and shakers," as he said.  "You never know when you'll need to know someone in a different business," he'd say.  She supposed that was true. But, even though he considered them all his friends, she couldn't help but wonder if they were true friends.  Max just laughed and called her his little introvert.

 "Roll over, Sakey. Roll over.  Sakey, roll over." Lisa coached.  "Daaad!" she yelled. "Sakey's not listening to me!"

Max glanced up from the chess game.  "You have to teach her,  Lisa. You can't just expect her to do it right away."

"Roll over, Sakey! Sakey! Roll over," Lisa repeated.

"No, that's not going to get old at all," Alice joked from the couch where she was re-reading her pregnancy book on the human body.  "Oh listen to this, Max.  It says here..."

Max covered his ears.  "I don't want to hear it! I'm still disgusted from your last little tidbit you told me!"

Alice just laughed.  "And they say men are the stronger sex!" she teased.

 Lisa got tired of playing with Sakey and wondered over to the piano.  She enjoyed playing every chance she got.  Placing her fingers where Mom had taught her, she practiced her scales.

Max and Alice walked over behind her and told her how well she was doing.

"Omph.." Alice grabbed her belly. "The baby just kicked me!"

Max rubbed her belly and then looked up at Alice. "I feel it!" Then, speaking to her belly, he said, "Hello baby. We can't wait to see you!"

Natalie was born a few days later in the middle of the night.

A few weeks later, Max crouched down and petted Sakey.  She was starting to show her age.  Max was sad that she wouldn't be around forever. She'd been such a great friend to him.

Lisa was growing up quickly, too, he thought.  Sometimes he felt like they didn't get enough time together. Over breakfast, he asked if she wanted to go to the park with him.

"But, Dad. It's raining outside!"

Max waved off her concerns.  "It's just a sprinkle. Besides, it won't rain all day! I bet by the time we get to the park, the clouds will all be gone! I'm really excited about spending a Daddy-Daughter day together!"

Lisa ran to go get ready and Max walked outside to grab the mail before they went.


After a quick stop to the Med Clinic to make sure he hadn't scorched his internal organs, Lisa and Max headed to the park with Sakey.

 "I haven't had this much fun on a swing since I was a kid!" Max yelled.

Lisa rolled her eyes. "Daaaad," she complained. "You're embarrassing me! Can't you go sit with the other dads?" Lisa walked away to play a game with a few girls.

Max just pointed over to the grilling station. "Sure. That's fine. I'll just be over there." Sighing, he took a seat next to another guy.

The guy looked at him knowingly and said, "So you've been sent to the adult section, too, huh?"

Max nodded.  "Sucks."

Time flew by again in a blur.  Lisa was almost a teenager and Natalie was already toddling around the house.  Max and Alice were trying to have another baby.  Max told her late one night that he'd love to have a little boy.  She could just picture his son... dark, jet black hair and steel gray eyes. She just worried that she was getting too old to succeed in the entertainment industry.  She wasn't sure she could swing another maternity leave without it affecting her position.


  1. I love Max XDDDD! A nice update, no one suffering a lot here :). I wonder how much this will continue...

  2. Yes, refreshing to see a lot where the peeps are miserable....I like the way Max interacts with Lisa and Natalie.

  3. Aww...Max seems like a pretty good daddy. He seems to be good with Alice too, I hope that's true. :)


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