September 3, 2011

Steele - Round 2

Max continued to see Stacy, but it always felt like there was something missing when they hung out.  She'd also been acting very distracted lately.  She'd hinted that she'd had a falling out with her sister that had left her feeling sad.  He didn't ask for more details and she didn't offer.

 Most nights he curled up with a good book and Sakey in his bed until he fell asleep.

 He was actually beginning to look forward to running into Alice in the mornings as well.  He often found some morning chores in the front yard in case she came by.  Sometimes he'd even offer the newspaper on his way to his carpool.  He just loved seeing her blush.

 He was never able to talk to her long, but he'd always gone to work with a smile on his face.

"Do you want to catch a movie tonight? " Max asked, right before heading to his car. "Just two people getting together for a fun time."

Alice had looked surprised.  "Yes, that would be nice," she'd shyly answered.

"Great. I get home around 5 or 6.  Come by around then and we'll go."  Max waved and jumped in the car.

When Alice arrived, Max had told her that he was starved and grabbed her hand to pull her towards the taxi he'd ordered.  Alice tried to tap down the trill of feeling his hand touch hers.  After a lovely dinner, they'd decided there wasn't anything playing that they wanted to watch.  So, they'd wound up walking over to the park.
Max was having the time of his life.  He was amazed with how he could just be himself around Alice.

He watched how passionate Alice got about the things she loved.  The wind blew a strand of her in her face.  Smiling, he gently brushed the hair behind her ear and stilled.  Could this be what he'd been craving for the past few months?

He noticed that Alice had grown incredibly still too.  As though she was waiting for him to make up his mind.  Leaning slowly forward, Max kissed her.  It felt like a dam burst and he felt so much emotion pouring out.

Pulling slightly back, Alice met his eyes and said, "Max, I need to know that there's nothing between you and Stacy.  I don't want to play any games."

Max was surprised.  "No. There's nothing between Stacy and I. We were casually seeing each other, but there was nothing romantic.  Not like this."

As the sunset, Max swept Alice into an embrace and kissed her to show her that she was the only thing that mattered.

(I was zoomed in on Max & Alice, so I had quite a laugh when I zoomed out and noticed Wyatt & Ethel making out in the park, as well.  I guess there's nothing like young love, huh?)

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  1. lol it is so funny finding things in the game you don't expect. Haha @ Wyatt and Ethel. I thought for sure Stacey might show up moved into this house. Hmmmm.

  2. Thankfully Max has more sense to settle down with Stacy!

  3. Blogs that make pets an integrated parts of the story make me happy. And make me wish Pets didn't always destroy my Sims 2 installation. Max and his dog deserved better than Stacy, so well done! /relief

  4. Yay, Alice is better than Stacey! Alothough I am a bit sorry for her, she doesn't seem so cruel to me :/... lol for Whyatt and Ethel at the park XD!

  5. All right, it's Alice! So glad that both Alice and the doggy got in. :) Stacy is still a mystery though....interesting. I had to laugh at Wyatt and Ethel in the "background."


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